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Fighter Box Collection Day 45 , Hit Or Flop?Fighter Box Office Collection Day 43 , Hit Or Flop?

Fighter Box Office Collection Day 31 : “Fighter,” the action-packed spectacle directed by Siddharth Anand, has made a remarkable impact on the global box office, amassing an impressive ₹341 crore worldwide. This significant achievement not only underscores the film’s universal appeal but also highlights the global audience’s growing interest in high-octane Indian cinema. With its stellar cast, led by Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor, and breathtaking aerial action sequences, “Fighter” has set a new benchmark for Indian films on the international stage, marking a triumphant moment for the entire team behind this cinematic venture.

As of Day 31, “Fighter” has garnered a significant box office collection, indicating the film’s widespread appeal and the audience’s enthusiastic response. Below is a detailed day-by-day report of its journey at the Indian box office, reflecting the fluctuations in audience turnout and the film’s resilience in maintaining a steady performance over a month.

Fighter Box Office Collection Day 31 in India

DayIndia Net Collection (in Crores)Change (+/-)
Day 1₹22.5
Day 2₹39.575.56%
Day 3₹27.5-30.38%
Day 4₹295.45%
Day 5₹8-72.41%
Day 6₹7.5-6.25%
Day 7₹6.5-13.33%
Day 8₹6-7.69%
Week 1₹146.5
Day 9₹5.75-4.17%
Day 10₹10.582.61%
Day 11₹12.519.05%
Day 12₹3.25-74.00%
Day 13₹3.250.00%
Day 14₹3-7.69%
Day 15₹2.75-8.33%
Week 2₹41-72.01%
Day 16₹1.75-36.36%
Day 17₹3.65108.57%
Day 18₹49.59%
Day 19₹1.1-72.50%
Day 20₹1.05-4.55%
Day 21₹1.7566.67%
Day 22₹0.9-48.57%
Week 3₹14.2-65.37%
Day 23₹0.85-5.56%
Day 24₹1.6594.12%
Day 25₹2.127.27%
Day 26₹0.7-66.67%
Day 27₹0.70.00%
Day 28₹0.65-7.14%
Day 29₹0.50
Day 30₹0.36
Day 31₹0.40
Total₹209.61 cr

Globally, “Fighter” has achieved a remarkable collection, with a total gross of ₹347.82 crore, underscoring its success not just in India but also in international markets. This financial achievement showcases the film’s universal appeal and the global interest in Indian cinema’s evolving narrative and production quality.

The occupancy rates across various regions in India on Day 31 further illuminate the film’s performance, highlighting significant engagement in cities like Chennai, Pune, and Bengaluru, despite the natural ebb and flow of box office numbers post-release. These figures not only reflect the film’s initial draw but also its sustained interest among audiences, contributing to its overall box office triumph.

“Fighter” stands as a testament to the prowess of Indian cinema in creating compelling, action-packed narratives that resonate with viewers worldwide. Its box office journey from Day 1 through Day 31 underscores the film’s capacity to captivate and entertain, marking a successful beginning for what promises to be an exhilarating franchise.

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