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Fighter Box Collection Day 45 , Hit Or Flop?Fighter Box Office Collection Day 43 , Hit Or Flop?

“Fighter” is a 2024 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Siddharth Anand, marking the inception of an anticipated aerial action franchise. Produced by Viacom18 Studios and Marflix Pictures, the film stars Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor in leading roles. With a budget of ₹250 crore, the film boasts high-octane aerial action sequences and a captivating storyline.

Fighter Box Office Performance

Fighter 28 Days Box Office Collection

DayIndia Net Collection (in Crores)Change (+/-)
Day 1 [1st Thursday]₹22.5 Cr
Day 2 [1st Friday]₹39.5 Cr75.56%
Day 3 [1st Saturday]₹27.5 Cr-30.38%
Day 4 [1st Sunday]₹29 Cr5.45%
Day 5 [1st Monday]₹8 Cr-72.41%
Day 6 [1st Tuesday]₹7.5 Cr-6.25%
Day 7 [1st Wednesday]₹6.5 Cr-13.33%
Day 8 [2nd Thursday]₹6 Cr-7.69%
Week 1 Total₹146.5 Cr
Day 9 [2nd Friday]₹5.75 Cr-4.17%
Day 10 [2nd Saturday]₹10.5 Cr82.61%
Day 11 [2nd Sunday]₹12.5 Cr19.05%
Day 12 [2nd Monday]₹3.25 Cr-74.00%
Day 13 [2nd Tuesday]₹3.25 Cr0.00%
Day 14 [2nd Wednesday]₹3 Cr-7.69%
Day 15 [3rd Thursday]₹2.75 Cr-8.33%
Week 2 Total₹41 Cr-72.01%
Day 16 [3rd Friday]₹1.75 Cr-36.36%
Day 17 [3rd Saturday]₹3.65 Cr108.57%
Day 18 [3rd Sunday]₹4 Cr9.59%
Day 19 [3rd Monday]₹1.1 Cr-72.50%
Day 20 [3rd Tuesday]₹1.05 Cr-4.55%
Day 21 [3rd Wednesday]₹1.75 Cr66.67%
Day 22 [4th Thursday]₹0.9 Cr-48.57%
Week 3 Total₹14.2 Cr-65.37%
Day 23 [4th Friday]₹0.85 Cr-5.56%
Day 24 [4th Saturday]₹1.65 Cr94.12%
Day 25 [4th Sunday]₹2.1 Cr27.27%
Day 26 [4th Monday]₹0.7 Cr-66.67%
Day 27 [4th Tuesday]₹0.61 Cr
Day 28 [4th Tuesday]₹0.31 Cr (estimated)
Total₹207.61 Cr
Fighter Box Office Collection Day 28 , Hit Or Flop?

Fighter International Collections

As of February 18, 2024, “Fighter” has grossed ₹99.76 crore (US$12 million) in overseas markets.

Fighter Worldwide Total

With ₹232.08 crore (US$29 million) in India and ₹99.76 crore (US$12 million) overseas, the film has amassed a worldwide total of ₹331.84 crore (US$42 million).

Fighter Box Office Analysis

Fighter Performance Trend

  • “Fighter” witnessed a strong opening weekend, with a notable surge in collections on the second day.
  • Subsequently, the film experienced a decline in collections during weekdays but managed to maintain a steady pace.
  • The second week saw a significant drop in earnings, indicative of reduced audience turnout.
  • While the third week saw further decline, the film managed to retain some traction in its fourth week, albeit with minimal earnings.

Fighter Hit or Flop?

Based on its box office performance, “Fighter” can be classified as a moderate success. Despite facing a gradual decline in collections post its opening week, the film has managed to surpass its production budget and accumulate respectable earnings.


  1. Who directed the film “Fighter”?
    • “Fighter” was directed by Siddharth Anand.
  2. Which production companies were involved in making “Fighter”?
    • The film was produced by Viacom18 Studios and Marflix Pictures.
  3. Who are the lead actors in “Fighter”?
    • The lead roles in “Fighter” are portrayed by Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor.
  4. What was the budget of “Fighter”?
    • The budget of “Fighter” was ₹250 crore.
  5. How much did “Fighter” gross domestically as of February 18, 2024?
    • As of February 18, 2024, “Fighter” grossed ₹232.08 crore in India.
  6. What is the overseas gross of “Fighter”?
    • The film garnered ₹99.76 crore (US$12 million) in overseas markets.
  7. What is the worldwide total collection of “Fighter”?
    • “Fighter” amassed a total collection of ₹331.84 crore (US$42 million) worldwide.
  8. How many days did it take for “Fighter” to cross the ₹200 crore mark domestically?
    • “Fighter” crossed the ₹200 crore mark domestically within its first two weeks of release.
  9. Describe the box office trend for “Fighter” during its second week.
    • During its second week, “Fighter” experienced a significant drop in earnings compared to its opening weekend, indicating a decline in audience turnout.

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