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Guthlee Ladoo Box Office , Review , Cast & MoreGuthlee Ladoo Box Office , Review , Cast & More

Guthlee Ladoo – An Upcoming Hindi Drama Film

Guthlee Ladoo is an eagerly awaited Indian Hindi-language drama film set to hit theaters on October 13, 2023. Produced by Pradeep Rangwani and directed by Ishrat R Khan, the film boasts a talented ensemble cast and a promising storyline. This article delves into various aspects of the film, including its box office prediction, cast, music, and other essential details.

Guthlee Ladoo Box Office Prediction

While predicting box office performance is always speculative, Guthlee Ladoo has generated significant buzz due to its intriguing cast and compelling storyline. With the combination of experienced actors like Sanjay Mishra, Subrat Dutta, and Kalyanee Mulay, as well as the unique narrative, the film is expected to garner attention and perform well at the box office. Its release during the festive season of 2023 is also advantageous in attracting a broad audience.

Considering the film’s genre and the track record of the actors and production team involved, Guthlee Ladoo is likely to make a favorable impact on the box office. However, the ultimate success will depend on various factors, including marketing strategies, audience reception, and competition at the time of its release.

Guthlee Ladoo Cast

The cast of Guthlee Ladoo is a blend of seasoned actors and fresh talent, promising an engaging cinematic experience:

  1. Sanjay Mishra as Harishankar: A versatile and accomplished actor, Sanjay Mishra takes on the role of Harishankar, a character pivotal to the film’s storyline.
  2. Dhanay Sheth as Guthlee: Dhanay Sheth portrays the character of Guthlee, which is central to the film’s narrative. Her performance is expected to be a highlight of the movie.
  3. Subrat Dutta as Mangru: Subrat Dutta plays Mangru, a character that adds depth to the story and is essential to the plot’s development.
  4. Kalyanee Mulay as Rania: Kalyanee Mulay’s role as Rania is anticipated to bring depth and emotion to the film’s storytelling.
  5. Heet Sharma as Ladoo: Heet Sharma takes on the character of Ladoo, adding a youthful and fresh perspective to the movie.
  6. Kanchan Pagare as Budhiya: Kanchan Pagare contributes to the film as Budhiya, a character likely to have significant importance within the storyline.
  7. Archana Patel as Dhaniya: Archana Patel’s portrayal of Dhaniya adds to the film’s character dynamics and depth.
  8. Arif Shahdoli as Chaube: Arif Shahdoli’s role as Chaube adds a layer of complexity to the film’s narrative.
  9. Sanjay Sonu as Ganesia: Sanjay Sonu takes on the character of Ganesia, contributing to the ensemble cast’s dynamic.

Guthlee Ladoo Music

The musical elements of Guthlee Ladoo are a crucial part of the film’s appeal:

  • Composer: The film’s music is composed by Rohan Rohan, known for his exceptional work in the Indian film industry. His composition is expected to complement the film’s emotions and narrative.
  • Lyricist: Rohan Gokhale provides the lyrics for the movie, adding depth to the songs and enhancing the overall impact of the music.

The combination of Rohan Rohan’s music composition and Rohan Gokhale’s lyrics is anticipated to create a captivating and emotionally resonant soundtrack for Guthlee Ladoo.

Guthlee Ladoo Film Details

  • Production: Guthlee Ladoo is produced under the banner of UV Films, promising high production values and quality filmmaking.
  • Direction: Ishrat R Khan is at the helm of the film, bringing their creative vision to life on the big screen.
  • Story: The film’s story is crafted by Srinivas Abrol, offering a unique and compelling narrative that is sure to engage the audience.
  • Screenplay and Dialogue: Ganesh Pandit, Srinivas Abrol, and Ishrat R Khan are credited for the screenplay and dialogue, indicating a well-crafted and engaging script.
  • Cinematography: Anil Akki (WICA) serves as the Director of Photography, ensuring that the film is visually stunning and immersive.
  • Editing: The film is edited by Steven H. Bernard, a skilled editor known for his work in the industry.
  • Costume Design: Sagar Trilotkar is responsible for the film’s costumes, contributing to the authenticity and visual appeal of the characters.
  • Background Score: Amar Mohile takes care of the background score, enhancing the film’s emotional depth.
  • Action: Abbas Ali Moghul is in charge of the action sequences, promising thrilling and intense moments in the film.
  • Filming Locations: Guthlee Ladoo was shot in the scenic locales of Trimbakeshwar and Nashik, providing a beautiful backdrop to the story.

Guthlee Ladoo, with its stellar cast, talented production team, and intriguing narrative, is a film that has generated considerable excitement in the lead-up to its release on October 13, 2023. While box office predictions are speculative, the film’s potential success is bolstered by its strong cast and the anticipation of an emotionally resonant soundtrack. As the release date approaches, audiences eagerly await the opportunity to experience this compelling drama on the big screen.

Guthlee Ladoo Film Information

Production CompanyUV Films
Distributed byPanorama Studios
Release DateOctober 13, 2023

Guthlee Ladoo Cast

Sanjay MishraHarishankar
Dhanay ShethGuthlee
Subrat DuttaMangru
Kalyanee MulayRania
Heet SharmaLadoo
Kanchan PagareBudhiya
Archana PatelDhaniya
Arif ShahdoliChaube
Sanjay SonuGanesia

Questions and Answers

  1. When is the film Guthlee Ladoo set to release?
    • Guthlee Ladoo is scheduled for release on October 13, 2023.
  2. Who is the director of the film?
    • The film is directed by Ishrat R Khan.
  3. Who is responsible for the film’s cinematography?
    • Anil Akki (WICA) serves as the Director of Photography for Guthlee Ladoo.
  4. Who composed the music for the film?
    • The music for Guthlee Ladoo is composed by Rohan Rohan.
  5. What is the film’s story penned by?
    • The story of the film is crafted by Srinivas Abrol.
  6. Who serves as the film’s editor?
    • The film is edited by Steven H. Bernard.
  7. Where was the film Guthlee Ladoo shot?
    • The film was shot in the picturesque locales of Trimbakeshwar and Nashik.
  8. Which production company is responsible for producing the film?
    • Guthlee Ladoo is produced under the banner of UV Films.
  9. Who plays the character of Harishankar in the film?
    • Sanjay Mishra portrays the character of Harishankar.
  10. Which character is central to the film’s narrative in Guthlee Ladoo?
    • The character of Guthlee, played by Dhanay Sheth, is central to the film’s narrative.

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