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Raakshasa Kaavyam Telugu movie Box Office, Cast & Crew, Review, BudgetRaakshasa Kaavyam Telugu movie Box Office, Cast & Crew, Review, Budget

Telugu cinema, popularly known as Tollywood, has never shied away from experimenting with diverse genres. Raakshasa Kaavyam a crime drama thriller, is yet another feather in its cap. Released on 13th October 2023, this movie showcases not just the finesse of the storyline but also the prowess of its cast and crew.

Rakshasa Kavyam Movie Teaser Launch

Raakshasa Kaavyam – Cast & Crew Information

Directed bySriman Keerthi
StorySriman Keerthi
Dayanand ReddyBhikshapati
Abhay BethigantiAjay
Praveen DacharamPraveen
Kushalini PulapaPadma
Anvesh MichaelVijay
Vijay AmbaiahKaka
Vinay kumar ParriShekhar
Pawon RameshChaitanya
Yadhamma RajuRaju
Kota SandeepMola
Naveen BethigantiAjay
Shivaratri RajuBablu
Aretty RohiniRohini
Producers & Co-producers
Nandamuri Vasundhara DeviCo-producer
Damu Reddy KosanamProducer
Naveen ReddyCo-producer
Kalyan SinganamalaProducer
Music byRajeev Srikanth
Cinematography byRushi Konapuram
Editing byVenkat Kalyan

Raakshasa Kaavyam Story

Helmed by the versatile Sriman Keerthi, who also dons the hat of the storyteller, ‘Raakshasa Kaavyam’ takes the audience on a thrilling ride. The plot centers around a web of crimes and the underlying drama that ensues, keeping viewers at the edge of their seats. The film, clocking in at 2 hours and 12 minutes, has struck the right chord with the audience, as reflected in its rising box office numbers.

Despite operating on a relatively small budget, the film’s success can be attributed to its compelling direction, coupled with commendable performances by the ensemble cast. Dayanand Reddy as Bhikshapati, Abhay Bethiganti as Ajay, and the rest of the cast have added multiple layers to the narrative with their solid portrayals.

Raakshasa Kaavyam Box Office Collection: Day-wise Report

113 October 2023₹ 0.10 Cr
214 October 2023₹ 0.12 Cr
315 October 2023₹ 0.14 Cr
416 October 2023₹ 0.11 Cr
517 October 2023₹ 0.16 Cr
618 October 2023₹ 0.09 Cr
719 October 2023₹ 0.07 Cr
Total₹ 0.79 Cr

Raakshasa Kaavyam Review

The atmospheric tone of the film is accentuated by the music, composed by Rajeev Srikanth, which subtly complements the mood of every scene. The film’s visual appeal, a result of the meticulous cinematography by Rushi Konapuram, ensures that each frame is a treat to the eyes. And ensuring a crisp narrative flow is Venkat Kalyan, who expertly weaves the story with his editing skills.

The production values are heightened thanks to the efforts of producers Damu Reddy Kosanam and Kalyan Singanamala, along with co-producers Nandamuri Vasundhara Devi and Naveen Reddy. Their collective vision and trust in the project have played a pivotal role in bringing ‘Raakshasa Kaavyam’ to life.

Raakshasa Kaavyam stands as a testament to the fact that gripping storytelling, combined with a dedicated team, can create magic on screen. The film’s success underscores the ever-evolving nature of Telugu cinema, which continues to push boundaries and present unique tales. It’s undoubtedly a must-watch for those who cherish cinema that leaves an indelible mark.

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