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Sangharsh 2 Box Office Collection Full Report and Success StorySangharsh 2 Box Office Collection Full Report and Success Story

Sangharsh 2 Box Office Collection and Success Story

The Bhojpuri film industry celebrates a new milestone with the release of “Sangharsh 2” on October 20, 2023. Directed by Parag Patil and produced by Worldwide Records, the action-packed comedy starring Khesari Lal Yadav and Megha Shree has taken audiences on a thrilling ride of entertainment. As the film gains popularity, let’s delve into its day-wise box office collection, success factors, and future prospects.

Sangharsh 2 Box Office Collection Day-Wise Breakdown

Day-Wise Collection Table:

1₹2 Crore 88 Lakhs
2₹3 Crore 25 Lakhs
3₹4 Crore 45 Lakhs
4₹5 Crore 15 Lakhs
5₹6 Crore 37 Lakhs
6₹5 Crore 23 Lakhs
7₹5 Crore 53 Lakhs
8₹4 Crore 67 Lakhs
9₹5 Crore 77 Lakhs
10₹5 Crore 13 Lakhs
11₹5 Crore 18 Lakhs
12₹5 Crore 7 Lakhs
13₹4 Crore 33 Lakhs
14₹3 Crore 81 Lakhs
15₹2 Crore 5 Lakhs
Total₹68 Crores 87 Lakhs
Sangharsh 2 Box Office Collection Full Report and Success Story

Sangharsh 2 Total Net Collection Worldwide

  • Total Net Collection: ₹68 Crores 87 Lakhs INR

Sangharsh 2 Day-Wise Bhojpuri (2D) Occupancy in Theaters:

Occupancy Rate Report:

  • Morning Shows: –%
  • Afternoon Shows: –%
  • Evening Shows: –%
  • Night Shows: –%

Sangharsh 2 Box Office Collection Overview:

“Sangharsh 2” continues to captivate audiences with its engaging storyline and stellar performances. Let’s explore the factors contributing to its success.

Factors Behind the Success of Sangharsh 2:

  1. Entertaining Plot:
    • The film combines action and comedy, creating a complete entertainer embraced by the audience.
  2. Strong Star Cast:
    • Khesari Lal Yadav and Megha Shree deliver outstanding performances, earning praise from fans and critics.
  3. Wide Release:
    • The Bhojpuri language release across India broadens its reach, attracting a diverse audience.
  4. Producer’s Commitment:
    • Worldwide Records’ effective promotion and distribution have played a crucial role in the film’s success.

Sangharsh 2 Future Prospects

As “Sangharsh 2” continues its theatrical run, the industry and audience eagerly anticipate its box office performance. Maintaining collection figures and possibly reaching new milestones will be crucial for its future success.

“Sangharsh 2” marks a significant entry into the Bhojpuri film industry, bringing joy to cinema enthusiasts. As the film progresses in theaters, its box office collection remains a key indicator of its impact on the world of cinema.


  1. Who directed “Sangharsh 2,” and when was it released?
    • Answer: Parag Patil; October 20, 2023.
  2. Who are the lead actors in “Sangharsh 2”?
    • Answer: Khesari Lal Yadav and Megha Shree.
  3. What is the total India net collection of “Sangharsh 2” as of now?
    • Answer: ₹68.87 Crores.
  4. How much was the approximate budget for producing “Sangharsh 2”?
    • Answer: ₹4 Crores.
  5. What is the key genre of “Sangharsh 2” that contributes to its success?
    • Answer: Action-packed comedy.
  6. Which production company is behind “Sangharsh 2”?
    • Answer: Worldwide Records.
  7. What are the morning show occupancy rates for “Sangharsh 2”?
    • Answer: Data not provided.
  8. Name three factors contributing to the success of “Sangharsh 2.”
    • Answer: Entertaining plot, strong star cast, wide release.
  9. What are the future prospects discussed for “Sangharsh 2”?
    • Answer: Maintaining collection figures and reaching new milestones.
  10. How is the box office collection of “Sangharsh 2” described in the conclusion?
    • Answer: A key indicator of its impact on the world of cinema.

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