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Sangharsh 2 Box Office Collection Full Report and Success StorySangharsh 2 Box Office Collection Full Report and Success Story

The Bhojpuri film industry, known for its regional yet potent influence, recently celebrated the release of the highly anticipated “Sangharsh 2”. Released on October 20, 2023, this film, under the masterful direction of Parag Patil, has indeed made a mark.

Sangharsh 2 The Film’s Theatrical Journey

With occupancy rates showing a steady increase from morning to evening, it’s evident that the film has garnered traction amongst the audience. The morning shows started at a decent 39% occupancy, which gradually rose to 44% in the afternoon. By evening, the film enjoyed an impressive 59% occupancy, only to slightly decrease to 54% for night shows. Such metrics highlight the movie’s strong audience retention and appeal.

Key Ingredients of Success

  • Entertaining Plot: “Sangharsh 2” promises and delivers a perfect blend of action and comedy. The plot is engaging, making the audience burst into laughter one moment and grip their seats the next. The balance struck between humor and adrenaline-packed action scenes has undeniably hit the right note.
  • Powerful Performances: The star-studded cast, featuring Khesari Lal Yadav and Megha Shree, has played a pivotal role in the movie’s success. Their undeniable on-screen chemistry and performances have been lauded, becoming one of the prime attractions for the audience.
  • Broad Horizons: The decision to release the film widely across India, even beyond the traditional Bhojpuri-speaking regions, has indeed paid off. This move amplified the film’s reach, allowing even non-native speakers to revel in the entertainment.
  • Dedicated Production: Worldwide Records has proven its commitment to the project, not just through production but also effective promotion and distribution strategies. Their dedication has undeniably amplified the film’s success trajectory.

Sangharsh 2 Box Office Collection Complete Report

DayCollection (in Lakh)
Day 11.80
Day 22.25
Day 32.15
Day 42.03
Day 51.90
Day 61.40
Day 71.30
Day 81.15
Day 91.00
Day 101.05
Day 111.10

With a cumulative collection of 17.03 lakhs, “Sangharsh 2” holds promise as it progresses in its theatrical journey.

Q&A on Sangharsh 2

Q: Who directed “Sangharsh 2”?
A: Parag Patil.

Q: Who are the lead actors in the film?
A: Khesari Lal Yadav and Megha Shree.

Q: How much did the film collect on its opening day?
A: The film collected 1.80 lakh on its opening day.

Q: What was the total box office collection till Day 11?
A: The total collection was 17.03 lakh.

Q: Which production company produced “Sangharsh 2”?
A: Worldwide Records.

Q: What genres does the film fall under?
A: The film is an action-packed comedy.

Q: How was the film’s occupancy rate during evening shows?
A: The evening shows had a 59% occupancy rate.

Q: Did the film’s collection increase or decrease on Day 11 compared to Day 10?
A: The collection increased on Day 11.

Q: Which factor majorly contributed to the film’s success?
A: The blend of an entertaining plot and a strong star cast significantly contributed to its success.

Q: Has the movie’s release in non-Bhojpuri speaking regions been beneficial?
A: Yes, the wide release across India has expanded its audience base and contributed to its success.

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