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Tejas Box Office Collection, Hit Or FlopTejas Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop

Tejas 2023 Movie: The much-anticipated action thriller “Tejas,” directed by Sarvesh Mewara, has finally hit the screens. Produced by Ronnie Screwvala, the film features the fierce Kangana Ranaut in the lead role as IAF officer Tejas Gill. As the curtains rose, the audience flocked to cinemas across major cities. Let’s delve deep into the box office collection of this powerhouse film.

Tejas Day 1 Collection: Setting the Momentum

Opening its account with a promising INR 2.30 crore on the first day, “Tejas” has created a significant buzz.

Tejas Day 1 Occupancy Rates: A Closer Look

  • Morning Shows: The film kicked off with a decent 13.12% occupancy rate during the morning hours.
  • Afternoon Shows: Gaining momentum, the occupancy surged to 22.72% in the afternoon slot.
  • Evening Shows: As the day progressed, the evening shows witnessed an occupancy of 31.35%.
  • Night Shows: By night, the theaters seemed to be buzzing the most with a commendable 38.54% occupancy rate.

Tejas Day 1 City Wise Performance Breakdown

  • Mumbai: The financial hub, after a lukewarm start, has showcased a significant rise in its show occupancies. Approximately 30-35% of the shows in Mumbai are nearing full capacity. With an average occupancy around the 30% mark, the city promises a hefty contribution to the film’s revenue.
  • Delhi-NCR: Following closely behind Mumbai, Delhi-NCR’s theaters have also garnered attention. With around 40% of the shows filling rapidly, the average occupancy mirrors Mumbai’s.
  • Bengaluru: Bengaluru’s cinema enthusiasts have shown an overwhelming response. Despite the number of almost full shows lingering between 25-30%, the average occupancy stands strong at 30%.
  • Ahmedabad: Another city that began slowly but soon caught up. With 25 to 40% of shows fast filling, the overall average occupancy hovers around the 30% threshold.
  • Kolkata: A thunderous response in Kolkata is apparent. With 35-45% of shows filling quickly and an impressive average occupancy of about 40%, Kolkata emerges as a strong contender in boosting Tejas’s overall collection.

Tejas Box Office Day 1 Region Occupancy of the Film

National Capital Region (NCR)40.0%7%31%41%48%430

Tejas Star Cast and Crew

Kangana’s powerful portrayal of IAF officer Tejas Gill is backed by a talented ensemble including Anshul Chauhan, Varun Mitra, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Vishak Nair. With music composed by Shashwat Sachdev and lyrics penned by Kumaar, Folk-Lore, and Sachdev, the film offers an audio-visual treat.

Conclusion “Tejas” has undoubtedly made an impactful start at the box office. The coming days will determine if it can sustain the momentum and transform into a blockbuster.

Questions & Answers About Tejas

Who directed the film “Tejas”?
Sarvesh Mewara directed the film.

Who plays the lead role in “Tejas”?
Kangana Ranaut plays the lead role.

What is the Day 1 collection of “Tejas”?
The film collected INR 2.30 crore on its opening day.

Who composed the film’s music?
The music was composed by Shashwat Sachdev.

Which city had the highest average occupancy for “Tejas” on Day 1?
Kolkata had the highest average occupancy at around 40%.

Who wrote the lyrics for the film’s songs?
The lyrics were penned by Kumaar, Folk-Lore, and Shashwat Sachdev.

What role does Kangana Ranaut play in the film?
She plays an IAF officer named Tejas Gill.

How did the film perform in Bengaluru on its first day?
Bengaluru recorded an average occupancy of around 30% with 25-30% shows filling rapidly.

Which production house produced “Tejas”?
Ronnie Screwvala produced “Tejas”.

How did the evening shows fare in terms of occupancy?
The evening shows witnessed an occupancy of 31.35%.

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