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Rab Di Mehhar Movie Box Office Collection, Budget, Cast, DirectorRab Di Mehhar Movie Box Office Collection, Budget, Cast, Director

Panjabi movie Rab Di Mehhar Box Office Collection

Rab Di Mehhar, a Punjabi romantic drama film, hit the theaters on September 22, 2023, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating its box office performance. Directed by Abhay Baiju Chhabra, this film features a talented ensemble cast including Ajay Sarkaria, Dheeraj Kumar, Honey Mattu, Gurpreet Bhangu, Sukhi Chahal, and Kashik Raj. With a budget of approximately ₹5.00 crore, Rab Di Mehhar has generated buzz in both the Punjabi film industry and among cinema-goers. In this article, we will delve into the film’s box office collection, budget, and potential verdict.

Film Details in Table Format

Film DetailsRab Di Mehhar (Punjabi)
Release DateSeptember 22, 2023
Budget₹5.00 crore approx
GenreRomantic Drama
Star CastAjay Sarkaria, Dheeraj Kumar, Honey Mattu, Gurpreet Bhangu, Sukhi Chahal, Kashik Raj
DirectorAbhay Baiju Chhabra
Screen CountIndia – 600 Screen, Overseas – 100 Screen, Total – 700 Screen

Rab Di Mehhar Box Office Collection

The film’s performance will be closely monitored, and it is expected to attract a substantial audience, especially given the buzz surrounding its release. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the film’s box office earnings.

Rab Di Mehhar box office collection day-wise report

day 122 September 2023₹ 0.25Cr
day 223 September 2023₹ 0.16 Cr
day 324 September 2023_
day 425 September 2023_
day 526 September 2023_
day 627 September 2023_
day 728 September 2023_
Total_₹ 0.00 Cr

Rab Di Mehhar Opening day box office collection-₹ 0.25 Cr

Rab Di Mehhar weekend box office collection -₹ 0.00 Cr

Rab Di Mehhar India net collection-₹ 0.00 Cr

Rab Di Mehhar worldwide box office collection-₹ 0.00 Cr

Budget Breakdown

Rab Di Mehhar was made with a modest budget of ₹5.00 crore, covering all aspects of production, including the cast’s remuneration, shooting expenses, post-production costs, and promotional activities. This budget is indicative of the filmmakers’ intent to create a quality cinematic experience without extravagant expenditures.

Cast and Director

The film boasts a talented cast led by Ajay Sarkaria and Dheeraj Kumar, who are expected to deliver stellar performances in their respective roles. Additionally, Honey Mattu, Gurpreet Bhangu, Sukhi Chahal, and Kashik Raj add depth and diversity to the ensemble. Under the directorial expertise of Abhay Baiju Chhabra, Rab Di Mehhar is anticipated to bring a fresh and captivating storyline to Punjabi cinema.

Screen Count

Rab Di Mehhar has been released on a significant number of screens, with 600 screens in India and 100 screens overseas, making it accessible to a wide audience both domestically and internationally. The extensive screen count reflects the confidence of the producers in the film’s potential to draw crowds.

Rab Di Mehhar is a Punjabi romantic drama film with an intriguing storyline and a promising ensemble cast. With a modest budget and a substantial screen count, it has the potential to make a mark at the box office. However, the actual box office collection figures and the film’s verdict – whether it is a hit or flop – will be determined by audience reception in the coming weeks. As of now, all eyes are on this film as it aims to make its mark in the world of Punjabi cinema. Stay tuned for updates on Rab Di Mehhar’s box office performance!

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