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Salman Society Box Office Collection, Budget, and Film OverviewSalman Society Box Office Collection, Budget, and Film Overview

Salman Society, a Marathi film directed by Kailash Kashinath Pawar, has captured the attention of audiences in Maharashtra with its heartwarming narrative. Starring Pushkar Lonarkar, Shubham More, Vinayak Potdar, and Gaurav More in leading roles, the film delves into the lives of three children facing the complexities of family dynamics. Additionally, notable actors Vanita Kharat and Upendra Limaye contribute to the film’s ensemble cast. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the film’s budget, box office collection on Day 1, and a detailed plot synopsis.

Salman Society
Release DateNot specified
DirectorKailash Kashinath Pawar
CastPushkar Lonarkar, Shubham More, Vinayak Potdar, Gaurav More, Vanita Kharat, Upendra Limaye
GenreMarathi Drama
Box Office Collection (Day 1)Rs 20 Lakhs
BudgetRs 1 Crore
Occupancy (Day 1)TBA
Salman Society Box Office Collection, Budget, and Film Overview

Salman Society Box Office Collection Day 1 and Beyond

Salman Society, being a regional film, primarily targets audiences in Maharashtra. On its opening day, the film is anticipated to generate a box office collection of Rs 20 Lakhs. The clash with another prominent release, Tiger 3, adds an extra layer of competition at the box office.

DayBox Office Collection (in Rs)Occupancy
Day 120,00,000
Day 2To be updatedTo be updated
Day 3To be updatedTo be updated

As the days progress, it is expected that the film’s performance will be closely monitored, with subsequent box office collections providing insights into its overall success. The clash with Tiger 3 may influence audience choices, and monitoring the occupancy rates will offer a glimpse into the film’s reception.

Salman Society Budget

Salman Society stands out as a low-budget Marathi movie, with a production budget estimated at around Rs 1 Crore. This characteristic distinguishes it from big-budget Bollywood productions, allowing the film to cater to a niche audience while maintaining financial viability. The modest budget is indicative of the resourcefulness and efficiency employed in the filmmaking process, emphasizing storytelling and performances.

Salman Society Plot Overview: Capturing Familial Essence

Directed by Kailash Kashinath Pawar, Salman Society navigates the lives of three children grappling with the intricacies of family dynamics. The director’s skillful storytelling captures the essence of familial bonds and highlights the resilience inherent in young hearts.

The plot unfolds through the lens of Director Kailash Kashinath Pawar, who masterfully brings to life the challenges and triumphs experienced by the central characters. The heartwarming narrative provides audiences with a glimpse into the everyday struggles faced by the protagonists, making the film relatable and emotionally resonant.


  1. Q: Who directed Salman Society?
    • A: Kailash Kashinath Pawar directed Salman Society.
  2. Q: Name two lead actors in Salman Society.
    • A: Pushkar Lonarkar and Shubham More are the lead actors.
  3. Q: In which state is Salman Society primarily released?
    • A: Salman Society is primarily released in the state of Maharashtra.
  4. Q: What is the budget of Salman Society?
    • A: The budget of Salman Society is approximately Rs 1 Crore.
  5. Q: How much is the expected Day 1 Box Office Collection?
    • A: The film is expected to collect Rs 20 Lakhs on Day 1.
  6. Q: Name two additional actors featuring in Salman Society.
    • A: Vanita Kharat and Upendra Limaye feature in the film.
  7. Q: What genre does Salman Society belong to?
    • A: Salman Society is a Marathi film falling within the heartwarming genre.
  8. Q: What film is Salman Society clashing with at the box office?
    • A: Salman Society is clashing with Tiger 3.
  9. Q: Describe the plot of Salman Society.
    • A: Salman Society revolves around three children navigating family challenges, capturing the essence of familial bonds.
  10. Q: How would you describe the budget of Salman Society?
    • A: Salman Society is a low-budget Marathi movie with a budget of around Rs 1 Crore.

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