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Astrologer Praveen Kumar JoshiAstrologer Praveen Kumar Joshi

Astrologer Praveen Kumar Joshi believes that astrology is not just a means of prediction, but it is an important medium to give the right guidance to life. His view is that astrology not only gives us information about our future prospects, but it also provides an opportunity to understand and improve our present. Through astrology, we can improve our lifestyle, work sphere, health, and personal relationships. This knowledge is helpful in giving the right guidance to the direction of our life, so that we can take the right decision at the right time. Praveen Kumar Joshi says that the purpose of astrology is not only to predict, but it is to provide the necessary advice and guidelines to make our life balanced, pleasant and successful. Through this, a person can be prepared to face the challenges coming in his life and move on the right path to achieve his goals. Thus, astrology is a source of deep knowledge and guidance, which can positively affect our life.

Gold medalist India’s famous Astrologer Praveen Kumar Joshi is now going to receive an international award. Universal Merit Awards 2024 is being organized in Colombo. During this program, various personalities from 12 countries are being given this honor for their best contribution in their respective fields. Astrologer Praveen Kumar will be given this honor by former President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Praveen Kumar is not only an astrologer but also a social worker. He uses his knowledge and experience to serve the society. He has organized many programs in collaboration with various social organizations, in which he made people aware about astrology and Vastu Shastra. In the programs organized by him, people were given astrological advice to solve the problems of their lives.

Astrologer Praveen Kumar has created a special place in the field of astrology through his hard work, knowledge and dedication. His achievements and honors are a proof of his skills and knowledge. His journey makes it clear that if a person moves towards his goal with true passion and dedication, then success is sure to come. The life and journey of Astrologer Praveen Kumar is a source of inspiration for today’s youth.

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