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Bespoke and result-oriented Hair Transplant procedures are now available at the Reniu Clinic, MysoreBespoke and result-oriented Hair Transplant procedures are now available at the Reniu Clinic, Mysore

Reniu Clinic in Mysore was founded by Dr. Manas S N to offer an array of the latest hair, body, and skin treatments. Today, it is synonymous with one of the most preferred clinics in Mysore, offering result-oriented hair transplants and various cosmetic treatments. They strive to deliver customized treatments to resolve patient’s issues as per their expectations.   

Reniu Clinic, under the dynamic vision of its founder Dr. Manas SN and his team, has successfully performed over 1000 hair transplant treatments since its establishment a decade ago. It is a record achievement and an example of their competence and commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes. That’s why Reniu Clinic is considered the best hair transplant clinic in Mysore.

As Ms Vishaka Goyal, co-founder of ClinicSpots, a medical tourism website, states, “I have known Dr Manas SN for many years. He is an excellent dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon, trichologist, and cosmetologist. He makes great efforts to understand the patients’ issues and offers relevant recommendations that ensure the best possible results. Along with result-oriented treatment, customer satisfaction is important for him.”

Dr. Manas SN specializes in FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) and Bio-FUE, which are the most preferred procedures for hair loss and baldness. These are non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures but deliver good results. The patients should understand and follow the after-procedure guidelines in a disciplined manner to get the desired results. 

Referring to the FUE procedure, doctors use a special micro-punch tool to extract the hair follicles from the donor area and transplant them in the balding and thinning areas. In the Bio-FUE procedure, the doctors place the extracted hair follicles in a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) solution. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains growth factors and nutrients to strengthen the hair follicles. These follicles stimulate hair growth after their iimplantation in the bald or areas with scanty hair.

Dr. Manas SN refers to this procedure to treat male pattern baldness. Also, it is a reliable option to treat scanty hair issues in eyebrows, eyelashes and beard. He adds that these treatments leave no visible scars on the areas of treatment. They yield better hair growth and density after six to eight months of treatment, especially Bio-FUE, as growth factors are injected into the scalp along with the hair grafts. 

Dr. Manas SN believes in meeting each patient personally to understand and counsel them as necessary. He shares a story of Kartik (name changed), who approached him for hair loss treatment. He was suffering from hereditary hair loss. Dr Manas SN recommended the Bio-FUE approach procedure after thoroughly checking his health, hair loss pattern, age and expected results. 

Kartik agreed with the Bio-FUE procedure, which was a great success. In a few months, he regained his hair growth and his confidence. He also visited Dr Manas S N for a follow-up session, who was impressed with the result and renewed confidence. Kartik expressed his gratitude to the doctor for his treatment and personalized care.

Reflecting on many such patient instances, Dr. Manas states that each success story reinforces his dedication and commitment to helping people look and feel better. He is very satisfied that his treatments positively impact his patients.

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About Dr Manas SN & Reniu Clinic

Reniu Clinic, led by Dr. Manas S N and his team of experts strive hard to serve patients with bespoke hair, body and skin treatments. They conduct an in-depth consultation and analysis of the patients and their issues. They recommend suitable treatments blending aesthetic and clinical approaches to resolve patient’s issues. Reniu Clinic follows procedures, treatment and safety norms which adhere to the highest international quality standards for the best interests of their patients. 

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