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Peddha Kapu Part 1 - Box Office CollectionPeddha Kapu Part 1 - Box Office Collection

Peddha Kapu: Part 1 – Box Office Collection

Peddha Kapu: Part 1 Movie – Box Office Collection :

Peddha Kapu: Part 1 Movie” had a promising start at the box office on its first day. This Telugu film was highly anticipated, and fans were eager to see how it performed. Below are the details of its day 1 box office collection, occupancy rates, and more:

Peddha Kapu Movie Box Office Collection:

DayPeddha Kapu: Part 1 India Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 1.00 Cr

Peddha Kapu: Part 1 Occupancy Rates:

  • Overall Telugu Occupancy: 16.67%
  • Telugu (2D) Occupancy in Theaters:
    • Morning Shows: 17.01%
    • Afternoon Shows: 18.18%
    • Evening Shows: 14.83%
    • Night Shows: 0%

Peddha Kapu: Part 1 Occupancy in Main Regions:

National Capital Region (NCR)3.00%3%0%0%0%1

About the Peddha Kapu Part 1 Movie

“Peddha Kapu: Part 1” is a Telugu film that has generated significant buzz among moviegoers. As it hit the theaters on September 29, 2023, fans eagerly awaited its release to witness the story unfold. The movie has made an impressive 1.00 Cr on its first day in India, showcasing its potential for success.

Director: Srikanth Addala

Writer: Srikanth Addala


  • Virat Karrna
  • Srikanth Addala (Director and Actor)
  • Aadukalam Naren

“Peddha Kapu: Part 1” is a highly anticipated Telugu film that entered the theaters on September 29, 2023. Directed and written by Srikanth Addala, the movie has garnered significant attention among moviegoers. With its intriguing premise of a common man entering the complex and politically charged arena of a village dominated by two powerful political parties, “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” had fans eagerly awaiting its release. Let’s delve into a review of this promising film.

Peddha Kapu: Part 1 Plot and Storyline

The film’s premise revolves around the classic tale of a common man who decides to challenge the status quo in a village where politics has long been controlled by two formidable political parties. The story unfolds as this ordinary individual, portrayed by Virat Karrna, takes a courageous step into the cutthroat world of village politics.

Srikanth Addala, the director and writer of the film, weaves a narrative that not only explores the protagonist’s journey but also delves into the complexities of rural politics, power struggles, and the impact on the lives of the villagers. As the common man navigates this treacherous terrain, he faces challenges, makes allies, and confronts moral dilemmas that will shape the destiny of the village.

Peddha Kapu: Part 1 Performance

Virat Karrna delivers a compelling performance as the lead character, bringing depth and authenticity to his portrayal of the common man turned political contender. Srikanth Addala, who not only directed the film but also stars in it, adds a unique flavor to the story with his presence.

Aadukalam Naren, a seasoned actor, is likely to have a significant role in the film, and his performance is expected to contribute to the overall quality of the storytelling.

Direction and Cinematography

Srikanth Addala’s direction showcases his storytelling prowess, as he skillfully navigates the nuances of village politics while keeping the audience engaged. The cinematography captures the rustic beauty of the village and the intensity of political confrontations, enhancing the visual appeal of the film.

Peddha Kapu: Part 1 Overall Impression

“Peddha Kapu: Part 1” has the potential to be a gripping and thought-provoking film that explores the intersection of politics and the lives of ordinary people in a rural setting. With its strong performances, engaging storyline, and skilled direction, it promises to be a cinematic experience that will resonate with both fans of Telugu cinema and those who appreciate compelling narratives.

As “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” makes an impressive 1.00 Cr on its first day in India, it signals a promising start for a film that has generated significant buzz. While it remains to be seen how the story unfolds and whether it lives up to its potential, the film’s intriguing premise and strong performances make it worth a watch for anyone interested in thought-provoking cinema

Peddha Kapu 1 Theatrical Trailer | Virat Karrna | Pragati | Srikanth Addala | Mickey J Meyer

Peddha Kapu Part 1 Questions and Answers:

  1. What is the box office collection of “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” on its first day in India?
    • The movie earned ₹1.00 Cr on its first day in India.
  2. What was the overall Telugu occupancy rate for “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” on its first day?
    • The overall Telugu occupancy rate was 16.67%.
  3. How did the morning shows’ occupancy compare to the afternoon shows for the movie?
    • Morning shows had an occupancy of 17.01%, while afternoon shows had an occupancy of 18.18%.
  4. In which region did “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” have the highest occupancy on its first day?
    • The region with the highest occupancy was Nizamabad with an impressive 50.50%.
  5. How many shows were there in Hyderabad for “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” on its first day?
    • There were 163 shows in Hyderabad.
  6. When was the movie released?
    • “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” was released on September 29, 2023.
  7. What type of film is “Peddha Kapu: Part 1”?
    • “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” is a Telugu film.
  8. How many regions are mentioned in the occupancy data?
    • The occupancy data includes 13 regions.
  9. What is the disclaimer mentioned about the box office data?
    • The disclaimer states that the box office data is compiled from various sources and may be approximate. Sacnilk does not make claims about the authenticity of the data.
  10. What is the box office collection table missing?
    • The box office collection table is missing information about the worldwide collection and overseas collection.

This information provides a comprehensive overview of “Peddha Kapu: Part 1” and its performance on its first day at the box office.

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