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12th Fail Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop12th Fail Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop

The Hindi cinema landscape has seen numerous films, but the enthusiasm surrounding “12th Fail” proves that content-driven movies still hold a unique charm. As the world anticipates the film’s larger impact, a closer look at its Day 2 box office collection is crucial. This article delves into the ’12th Fail Box Office Collection Day 2′ and provides a thorough breakdown of its performance.

12th Fail Box Office Overview

With a debut collection of 33 lakh on its first day, “12th Fail” showed promise. The second day witnessed a collection of 25 lakh, indicating a slight drop yet maintaining a decent performance.

Day 133 lakh
Day 225 lakh

12th Fail Day 2 Regional Occupancy Rate Breakdown

One of the significant metrics to gauge a film’s performance is the regional occupancy rate. It provides a clearer perspective on how the movie fared across different regions and show timings.

12th Fail Box Office Day 2 Region Occupancy List city Wise


In-depth Analysis

  • NCR Leads the Way: The National Capital Region stands out with a whopping 40% overall occupancy, peaking during the night shows at 48%.
  • Kolkata’s Night Fever: Kolkata shows impressive numbers, especially during the night with a staggering 64% occupancy, indicating the movie’s immense popularity in the city after dusk.
  • Low Turnout in Bhopal and Lucknow: Both cities witnessed a comparatively lower turnout with overall occupancy rates at 11.75% and 9.50%, respectively.

12th Fail Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop

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