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Abraham Ozler Box Office Collection Full Report , Hit Or Flop,40.05 Crore Collection in 26 DaysAbraham Ozler Box Office Collection Full Report , Hit Or Flop,40.05 Crore Collection in 26 Days

Abraham Ozler (2024) – Box Office and Film Details

Abraham Ozler is a 2024 Indian Malayalam-language psychological medical crime thriller directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas and written by Dr. Randheer Krishnan. Starring Jayaram in the titular role, the film boasts a stellar supporting cast including Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Senthil Krishna, Arya Salim, Anoop Menon, Jagadish, and Dileesh Pothan. The movie also features extended cameo appearances by Mammootty and Suresh Gopi.

Abraham Ozler Production Details

The project was officially announced in May 2023, and principal photography commenced the same month in Mission Quarters, Thrissur. The filming locations extended to Palakkad, Coimbatore, Idukki, and Wayanad, showcasing the diversity of the Kerala landscape. The switch-on ceremony was performed by producer Irshad M. Hassan, marking the beginning of the shoot. The filming wrapped up on 14th November 2023.

Abraham Ozler Cast

  • Jayaram as ACP Abraham Ozler IPS: Leading the ensemble cast, Jayaram takes on the role of ACP Abraham Ozler, bringing his seasoned acting prowess to the forefront.
  • Mammootty as Alexander Joseph: Making an extended cameo appearance, Mammootty adds star power to the film.
  • Suresh Gopi as DCP Harish Madhav: Another notable cameo, Suresh Gopi portrays the character of DCP Harish Madhav.
  • Anaswara Rajan as Suja Jayadev: Playing the role of a medical student, Anaswara Rajan contributes to the film’s intriguing storyline.
  • Arjun Ashokan as Vineeth Ram: A prisoner in the narrative, Arjun Ashokan’s character adds layers to the psychological thriller.

Abraham Ozler Music and Cinematography

The music for Abraham Ozler is composed by Midhun Mukundan, contributing to the film’s atmospheric tension. The cinematography, handled by Theni Eswar, captures the essence of the diverse shooting locations.

Abraham Ozler Budget

Abraham Ozler was crafted with a modest budget of Rs. 6 crores, showcasing the filmmakers’ ability to deliver a compelling narrative within economic constraints.

Abraham Ozler Release

Initially scheduled for a Christmas release on 25th December 2023, the film’s launch was later postponed to 11th January 2024.

Abraham Ozler Box Office Collection

The opening day box office collection for Abraham Ozler stands at ₹3.20 crores, marking a promising start for the regional psychological thriller.

Abraham Ozler Box Office Collection Day 1 , Hit Or Flop?


  1. Who plays the titular role in the film Abraham Ozler?
    • Answer: Jayaram portrays ACP Abraham Ozler IPS.
  2. Which renowned actor makes an extended cameo appearance in the movie?
    • Answer: Mammootty appears in an extended cameo as Alexander Joseph.
  3. What is the role of Suresh Gopi in the film?
    • Answer: Suresh Gopi plays the character of DCP Harish Madhav.
  4. Name the shooting locations for Abraham Ozler apart from Thrissur.
    • Answer: Palakkad, Coimbatore, Idukki, and Wayanad.
  5. Who composed the music for the film?
    • Answer: The music for Abraham Ozler is composed by Midhun Mukundan.
  6. What is the budget of Abraham Ozler?
    • Answer: The film was made with a budget of Rs. 6 crores.
  7. When did the principal photography for the film begin?
    • Answer: The principal photography commenced on 20th May 2023.
  8. Who handled the cinematography for Abraham Ozler?
    • Answer: Cinematography was handled by Theni Eswar.
  9. When was the original release date of the film, and why was it postponed?
    • Answer: The film was initially scheduled for a Christmas release on 25th December 2023 but was later postponed to 11th January 2024.
  10. Which character does Anaswara Rajan portray in the film?
    • Answer: Anaswara Rajan plays the role of Suja Jayadev, a medical student.

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