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Animal Box Office Collection Day 36 , Decline In EarningsAnimal Box Office Collection Day 36 , Decline In Earnings

Animal Box Office Collection: A Cinematic Triumph

Ranbir Kapoor’s highly anticipated film, Animal, has taken the box office by storm, showcasing an impressive performance on its 16th day with a collection of ₹6.00 crore. The film’s remarkable journey has solidified its status as one of the biggest hits of the year, accumulating a staggering ₹489.65 crore in total earnings.

Animal Box Office Collection

The film’s box office journey has been a rollercoaster, starting with a stellar opening day collection of ₹63.8 crore and maintaining its momentum through the first week with a total collection of ₹337.58 crore. Despite facing a decline in the second week, Animal managed to secure ₹139.07 crore, leading to a grand total of ₹489.65 crore by its 16th day.

  • Day 1-7: The film maintained an upward trajectory, collecting ₹337.58 crore in the first week.
  • Day 8-14: Despite a significant drop in the second week, Animal added ₹139.07 crore to its impressive total.

Worldwide Collection: Animal’s success isn’t limited to India; it has resonated globally, amassing a total worldwide collection of ₹717.46 crore.

DayIndia Net CollectionChange (+/-)
1 (1st Friday)₹ 63.8 Cr
2 (1st Saturday)₹ 66.27 Cr3.87%
3 (1st Sunday)₹ 71.46 Cr7.83%
4 (1st Monday)₹ 43.96 Cr-38.48%
5 (1st Tuesday)₹ 37.47 Cr-14.76%
6 (1st Wednesday)₹ 30.39 Cr-18.90%
7 (1st Thursday)₹ 24.23 Cr-20.27%
Week 1 Collection₹ 337.58 Cr
8 (2nd Friday)₹ 22.95 Cr-5.28%
9 (2nd Saturday)₹ 34.74 Cr51.37%
10 (2nd Sunday)₹ 36 Cr3.63%
11 (2nd Monday)₹ 13.85 Cr-61.53%
12 (2nd Tuesday)₹ 12.72 Cr-8.16%
13 (2nd Wednesday)₹ 10.25 Cr-19.42%
14 (2nd Thursday)₹ 8.75 Cr-14.63%
Week 2 Collection₹ 139.26 Cr-58.75%
15 (2nd Friday)₹ 6.81 Cr
16 (2nd Saturday)₹ 6.00 Cr-11.91%
Total₹ 489.65 Cr
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Factors Driving Animal’s Success

  • Compelling Storyline: The film’s gripping narrative has kept audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • Ranbir Kapoor’s Performance: Kapoor’s electrifying portrayal showcases his versatility and acting prowess.
  • High Production Values: The film’s visual appeal, brought to life by top-notch production values, has contributed to its success.

Animal’s box office triumph extends beyond Indian borders. With the fourth-biggest advance booking in Hindi cinema and a global opening weekend collection of $42.1 million, the film has become a worldwide sensation.

Animal is not just a film; it’s a cinematic experience that has resonated with audiences globally. For fans of Ranbir Kapoor and those who appreciate captivating storytelling, Animal is a must-watch. Its box office success is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to connect with audiences emotionally.

As Animal continues its impressive run at the box office, it is poised to become one of the most memorable films of the year. Its success is a resounding affirmation of its cinematic excellence, marked by a gripping storyline, stellar performances, and high production values.


  1. What was Animal’s opening day box office collection?
    • Answer: Animal collected ₹63.8 crore on its opening day.
  2. How much did the film earn in its first week at the Indian box office?
    • Answer: Animal earned ₹337.58 crore in its first week at the Indian box office.
  3. What contributed to Animal’s success, according to industry expert Taran Adarsh?
    • Answer: Taran Adarsh mentioned that Animal is a well-crafted film with a stellar cast and a gripping narrative, contributing to its success.
  4. How did Animal perform in its second week compared to the first week?
    • Answer: In its second week, Animal faced a decline, securing ₹139.07 crore compared to the ₹337.58 crore in the first week.
  5. What is the total worldwide collection of Animal as of its 16th day?
    • Answer: Animal’s total worldwide collection reached ₹717.46 crore by its 16th day.
  6. Name one film that competed with Animal during its opening weekend in the United States.
    • Answer: Animal was released alongside films like Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, Silent Night, Godzilla Minus One, and The Shift in the United States.
  7. What was Animal’s global ranking on its opening weekend?
    • Answer: Animal emerged as the No. 1 film globally on its opening weekend.
  8. How much did Animal earn on its 11th day, and what percentage change did it experience from the previous day?
    • Answer: On its 11th day, Animal earned ₹13.85 crore, experiencing a substantial decrease of 61.53% from the previous day.
  9. Describe the factors driving Animal’s success at the box office.
    • Answer: Animal’s success can be attributed to its compelling storyline, Ranbir Kapoor’s electrifying performance, and high production values that brought the film’s world to life visually.
  10. What is the total collection of Animal in India and worldwide, respectively?
    • Answer: Animal collected ₹489.65 crore in India and amassed a total worldwide collection of ₹717.46 crore.

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