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Animal Box Office Collection Day 36 , Decline In EarningsAnimal Box Office Collection Day 36 , Decline In Earnings

“Animal” Roars at the Box Office: A 20-Day Saga of Success

Animal,” the latest cinematic spectacle, has taken the Indian box office by storm, weaving a captivating narrative that extends beyond the silver screen. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the film features a stellar cast and has garnered immense attention for its gripping storyline. As it completes its 20th day in theaters, let’s delve into the box office collections, occupancy rates, and the film’s overall impact.

Animal Box Office Collection: A Rollercoaster Ride

The box office journey of “Animal” has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Starting with an impressive ₹63.8 crore on its opening day, the film witnessed fluctuations in its daily collections. The first week amassed a staggering ₹337.58 crore, dominating the charts. However, the second week saw a significant dip with a collection of ₹139.26 crore, reflecting the ebb and flow of audience interest.

On its 19th day, “Animal” continued to roar at the box office with an estimated ₹5.00 crore, contributing to the film’s cumulative total of ₹530.94 crore. This solidifies its position as a blockbuster, surpassing expectations and setting new benchmarks.

Animal Occupancy Rates: From Roaring Crowds to Empty Halls

The occupancy rates of “Animal” provide insight into its reception across different regions and languages. On its 19th day, the film maintained an 11.23% occupancy in Hindi and an 18.17% occupancy in Telugu, showcasing its widespread appeal.

In Hindi-speaking regions like Mumbai and the National Capital Region (NCR), the film maintained double-digit occupancy percentages, with Mumbai leading at 11.67%. Telugu-speaking regions, particularly Hyderabad and Vizag-Visakhapatnam, witnessed impressive occupancy rates, reflecting the film’s success in diverse markets.

Animal International Triumph

“Animal” didn’t confine its dominance to the Indian subcontinent; it resonated globally. Garnering the fourth-biggest advance booking in Hindi cinema, the film made a resounding impact in the United States, securing $6.1 million in its opening weekend. Worldwide, it emerged as the No. 1 film, grossing over ₹842.48 crore (US$110 million) as of December 17, 2023.

Animal Box Office Collection

Animal 20 Days All Language Box Office Collection

DayIndia Net Collection (Cr)Change (+/-)
Week 1 Collection₹337.58
Week 2 Collection₹139.26-58.75%
20₹5.00 (Early Estimates)
Animal Box Office Collection Day 20: A 20-Day Saga of Success,International Triumph

Animal Occupancy Rate Table (19th Day)

Animal Hindi (2D) Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows10.25%9%11%14%
Afternoon Shows11.54%13%13%13%
Evening Shows11.90%13%15%12%
Night Shows0%0%0%0%

Animal Telugu (2D) Occupancy in Theaters

Morning Shows17.88%17%7%10%
Afternoon Shows16.68%16%12%0%
Evening Shows19.96%14%43%0%
Night Shows0%0%0%0%

“Animal” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, captivating audiences and dominating the box office. Its 20-day journey has been marked by highs and lows, yet the film continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry.


  1. What was the opening day box office collection of “Animal”? Answer: ₹63.8 crore
  2. Which region had the highest occupancy rate for Hindi on the 19th day? Answer: National Capital Region (NCR)
  3. How much did “Animal” earn in its second week? Answer: ₹139.26 crore
  4. What is the total worldwide collection of “Animal” as of December 17, 2023? Answer: ₹842.48 crore (US$110 million)
  5. Name three international films released alongside “Animal” in the United States. Answer: Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, Silent Night, Godzilla Minus One, and The Shift
  6. Which language regions witnessed a double-digit occupancy rate on the 19th day? Answer: Hindi-speaking regions and Telugu-speaking regions
  7. How did “Animal” perform in its third week compared to the second week? Answer: The third week witnessed a decline compared to the second week.
  8. What percentage of occupancy did Hyderabad have for Telugu morning shows on the 19th day?Answer: 17.88%
  9. Which day saw the steepest decline in box office collection for “Animal”? Answer: Day 11 (2nd Monday)
  10. In which regions did “Animal” have the highest and lowest occupancy rates on the 19th day?Answer: Highest: Hyderabad (Telugu); Lowest: Surat (Hindi)

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