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Animal Box Office Collection Days 33 and 34 ,Full ReportAnimal Box Office Collection Days 33 and 34 ,Full Report

“Animal,” the Indian Hindi-language action drama directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, has emerged as a cinematic sensation. Headlined by Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mandanna, and Tripti Dimri, the film has captivated audiences with its compelling narrative and outstanding performances. As it completes 29 days in theaters, its box office performance is a testament to its wide-reaching appeal.

Animal Box Office Performance: Over 29 days : Animal has demonstrated remarkable staying power in theaters. Below is a day-wise breakdown of its box office collection in India (Net Collection in Crores):

DayIndia Net Collection (₹ Cr.)Change (%)
Day 163.8
Day 266.27+3.87
Day 371.46+7.83
Day 443.96-38.48
Day 537.47-14.76
Day 630.39-18.90
Day 724.23-20.27
Week 1 Total337.58
Day 822.95-5.28
Day 934.74+51.37
Day 1036+3.63
Day 1113.85-61.53
Day 1212.72-8.16
Day 1310.25-19.42
Day 148.75-14.63
Week 2 Total139.26-58.75
Day 158.3-5.14
Day 1612.8+54.22
Day 1714.5+13.28
Day 185.75-60.34
Day 195.5-4.35
Day 205.15-6.36
Day 212.45-52.43
Week 3 Total54.45-60.90
Day 221.05-57.14
Day 231.65+57.14
Day 242.18+32.12
Day 251.85-15.14
Day 261.07-42.16
Day 271.05
Day 280.95
Day 290.90

Animal Film Worldwide Gross Collection Crosses Rs 900 Cr. not only triumphed in the Indian market but also made a significant impact globally.

  • India Net: ₹541.89 cr.
  • India Gross: ₹645.49 cr.
  • Overseas: ₹255.34 cr.
  • Worldwide Total: ₹900.83 cr.

Analysis: The film opened strongly, reflecting the anticipation surrounding it. Despite a mid-week dip, it bounced back, showing resilience and audience retention. The fluctuating daily collections indicate varied audience responses, yet the overall trend demonstrates the film’s success.

Conclusion: “Animal” has established itself as a box office juggernaut. Its blend of action, drama, and star power has resonated with a wide audience base, both domestically and internationally.


  1. What was “Animal’s” opening day collection?
    • ₹63.8 crores.
  2. How much did “Animal” earn in its first week?
    • ₹337.58 crores.
  3. Did “Animal” perform better domestically or overseas?
    • While strong domestically, its overseas performance significantly boosted its global collections.
  4. Which territory contributed most to “Animal’s” box office?
    • Mumbai with ₹105.25 crores.
  5. Was there a significant drop in “Animal’s” box office collection after the first week?
    • Yes, there was a noticeable drop, but it maintained a steady pace afterwards.
  6. How did “Animal” fare in overseas markets?
    • It earned ₹245.34 crores, indicating substantial international appeal.
  7. What is the total worldwide collection of “Animal”?
    • ₹900.83 crores.
  8. How did “Animal” perform in the Delhi-U.P region?
    • It collected ₹73.50 crores.
  9. Was “Animal” a hit or a flop?
    • “Animal” was a definitive hit, considering its box office performance.
  10. What factors contributed to “Animal’s” box office success?
    • A compelling storyline, star-studded cast, and effective marketing.

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