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Dunki Box Office Collection Day 45 & 46, Hit Or Flop?Dunki Box Office Collection Day 45 & 46, Hit Or Flop?

Dunki: A Cinematic Journey of Donkey Flight

Dunki,” a 2023 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film, delves into the world of “donkey flight,” an unconventional and illegal immigration technique. Directed and edited by the renowned Rajkumar Hirani, the film boasts a stellar cast featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal (in a special appearance), and Boman Irani. Produced under the banners of Red Chillies Entertainment, Jio Studios, and Rajkumar Hirani Films, the movie explores the humor and challenges associated with this unique immigration method.

Dunki Box Office Triumph

The film made an impressive debut on its opening day, collecting ₹29.2 crore in India. Over the course of its 26-day journey, “Dunki” showcased fluctuations in its box office collections, providing a rollercoaster ride for audiences and producers alike.

Dunki Box Office Collection

DayIndia Net Collection (in Crores)Change (+/-)
Day 1₹ 29.2
Day 2₹ 20.12-31.10%
Day 3₹ 25.6127.29%
Day 4₹ 30.719.88%
Day 5₹ 24.32-20.78%
Day 6₹ 11.56-52.47%
Day 7₹ 10.5-9.17%
Day 8₹ 8.21-21.81%
Week 1₹ 160.22
Day 9₹ 7-14.74%
Day 10₹ 928.57%
Day 11₹ 11.527.78%
Day 12₹ 9.05-21.30%
Day 13₹ 3.85-57.46%
Day 14₹ 3.25-15.58%
Day 15₹ 2.6-20.00%
Week 2₹ 46.25-71.13%
Day 16₹ 2.25-13.46%
Day 17₹ 3.555.56%
Day 18₹ 4.2521.43%
Day 19₹ 1.5-64.71%
Day 20₹ 1.4-6.67%
Day 21₹ 1.35-3.57%
Day 22₹ 1.15-14.81%
Week 3₹ 15.4-66.70%
Day 23₹ 0.55-52.17%
Day 24₹ 0.845.45%
Day 25₹ 1.10
Day 26₹ 0.30 (estimeted)
Total₹ 224.62 Cr
Dunki Box Office Collection Day 26 , Hit Or Flop?

Dunki Global Success

As of January 13, 2024, “Dunki” has soared to new heights, grossing ₹256.20 crore in India and an additional ₹196.67 crore overseas. This remarkable feat brings the film’s worldwide estimate to an impressive ₹452.87 crore.

“Dunki” was crafted with a budget of ₹120 crore, and its box office performance has surpassed expectations, reaching ₹452.87 crore globally.

Dunki Hit or Flop

“Dunki” stands as a clear winner at the box office, exceeding its budget and earning significant profits. The film’s success not only in India but also internationally solidifies its status as a certified hit.


  1. What is the central theme of “Dunki”?
    • Answer: “Dunki” explores the concept of “donkey flight,” an illegal immigration technique.
  2. Who directed and edited the film?
    • Answer: Rajkumar Hirani directed and edited “Dunki.”
  3. Which actors played key roles in the film?
    • Answer: Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal (in a special appearance), and Boman Irani.
  4. What was the film’s opening day collection in India?
    • Answer: “Dunki” collected ₹29.2 crore on its opening day.
  5. How much did the film gross globally as of January 13, 2024?
    • Answer: The film grossed ₹452.87 crore worldwide.
  6. What was the film’s budget?
    • Answer: The budget of “Dunki” was ₹120 crore.
  7. Which day witnessed the highest net collection during its 26-day run?
    • Answer: The highest net collection was on Day 4, with ₹30.7 crore.
  8. How did the film perform in its second week at the box office?
    • Answer: “Dunki” faced a significant decline, with a 71.13% decrease in collections during the second week.
  9. What was the film’s opening day collection in India?
    • Answer: On its opening day, the film collected ₹28 crore in India.
  10. Is “Dunki” declared a hit or a flop at the box office?
  • Answer: “Dunki” is declared a hit, surpassing its budget and earning substantial profits.

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