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Dunki Box Office Collection Day 51 & 52 , Hit Or Flop?Dunki Box Office Collection Day 51 & 52 , Hit Or Flop?

Dunki(Donkey) Box Office Collection Day 5 – A Cinematic Triumph

Dunki,” the latest cinematic offering, has taken the Indian box office by storm with its stellar performance in the first five days. The film has captivated audiences and demonstrated its immense popularity with remarkable box office collections and impressive occupancy rates.

Dunki Box Office Collection

DayIndia Net Collection (Cr)Change (+/-)
Day 1 (Thursday)₹29.2 Cr
Day 2 (Friday)₹20.12 Cr-31.10%
Day 3 (Saturday)₹25.61 Cr27.29%
Day 4 (Sunday)₹31.50 Cr
Day 5 (Monday)₹22.50 Cr
Donkey Box Office Collection Day 5

Dunki Total Collection: ₹128.93 Cr

Dunki Occupancy Rates

Overall Hindi Occupancy on Monday: 48.57%

Dunki Hindi (2D) Occupancy in Theater

  • Morning Shows: 26.01%
  • Afternoon Shows: 55.63%
  • Evening Shows: 65.06%
  • Night Shows: 70.87%

Dunki Hindi (2D) Occupancy in Main Regions


Box Office Overview

Dunki made history with the 13th-biggest advance booking for a Hindi film, collecting ₹28 crore on its opening day. As of December 23, 2023, the film has grossed ₹89.51 crore in India and ₹67.7 crore overseas, reaching a worldwide total of ₹157.21 crore.

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 5 , Hit Or Flop?


  1. What was Dunki’s net collection on its opening day?
    • Answer: ₹28 crore.
  2. How did Dunki’s box office performance change on the second day?
    • Answer: It decreased by 31.10%.
  3. Which region had the highest evening occupancy rate on day 5?
    • Answer: Kolkata with 84%.
  4. What is Dunki’s total collection as of December 23, 2023?
    • Answer: ₹157.21 crore worldwide.
  5. How did Dunki fare in advance bookings compared to other Hindi films?
    • Answer: It had the 13th-biggest advance booking of all time.
  6. Which day saw the highest net collection for Dunki?
    • Answer: Day 4 (Sunday) with ₹31.50 crore.
  7. What was the overall Hindi occupancy rate on Monday?
    • Answer: 48.57%.
  8. Which city had the highest overall occupancy rate on day 5?
    • Answer: Chennai with 65.67%.
  9. How much did Dunki collect on its third day in India?
    • Answer: ₹24.5 crore.
  10. What is Dunki’s total collection after the first five days?
    • Answer: ₹128.93 crore.

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