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Mujib The Making of a Nation Box Office Collection Full ReportMujib The Making of a Nation Box Office Collection Full Report

Mujib: The Making of a Nation a groundbreaking biographical film, was co-produced by India and Bangladesh and shed light on the life of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Directed by the iconic Shyam Benegal, the film promises an immersive journey into the life of Bangabandhu, marking its significance in the history of Bangladesh.

On its opening day, the movie garnered immense attention from the audience, recording a commendable box office collection of around INR 1 crore. The enthusiasm of the filmgoers is evident from the theater occupancies across major regions.

Mujib: The Making of a Nation Box Office Occupancy day 1 of the Film

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Questions and Answers Related to the Film:

  1. Who directed the movie “Mujib: The Making of a Nation”?
    • Shyam Benegal directed the movie.
  2. Who portrayed the character of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the film?
    • Arifin Shuvoo played Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
  3. What was the opening day box office collection of the film?
    • The film collected around INR 1 crore on its opening day.
  4. Which two countries co-produced this film?
    • India and Bangladesh co-produced the film.
  5. Who played the role of Sheikh Hasina in the movie?
    • Nusraat Faria portrayed the character of Sheikh Hasina.
  6. Who was responsible for the screenplay of the movie?
    • The screenplay was crafted by Atul Tiwari and Shama Zaidi.
  7. In which languages was the movie released?
    • The movie was released in Bengali and Hindi.
  8. How long is the movie’s runtime?
    • The movie has a running time of 178 minutes.
  9. Who played the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the movie?
    • Deepak Antani portrayed Mahatma Gandhi.
  10. Which production companies were involved in making the film?
    • BFDC and NFDCI were the production companies behind the movie.

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