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Tiger 3 Box Office Collection Day 59 & 60 , Hit Or Flop ?Tiger 3 Box Office Collection Day 59 & 60 , Hit Or Flop ?

Tiger 3,” the latest spectacle in the YRF Spy Universe, has been a cinematic juggernaut since its premiere on November 12, 2023. Directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra, the film stars heavyweights Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi. As it nears the end of its first month, we explore its box office journey, critical reception, and global impact.

Tiger 3 movie box office collection Day 31

Day 144.01 Cr
Day 259.61 Cr
Day 344 Cr
Day 420 Cr
Day 518 Cr
Day 613.01 Cr
Day 718.56 Cr
Day 810.05 Cr
Day 97.36 Cr
Day 106.07 Cr
Day 115.05 Cr
Day 125.15 Cr
Day 133.08 Cr
Day 145.76 Cr
Day 156.76 Cr
Day 162.7 Cr
Day 172.04 Cr
Day 182.09 Cr
Day 192 Cr
Day 201.20 Cr
Day 211.15 Cr
Day 221.30 Cr
Day 230.90 Cr
Day 240.70 Cr
Day 250.60 Cr
Day 260.45 Cr
Day 270.55 Cr
Day 280.50 Cr
Day 290.40 Cr
Day 300.30
Tiger 3 movie box office collection Day 310.25 cr (Estimeted)

Total : 283.06

In India, “Tiger 3” has become a box office in 31 days amassing a net of ₹283.06 crores

Worldwide Acclaim: Breaking Borders

Globally, the film has been a tour de force, garnering a staggering ₹484.17 crores. This international success underscores the film’s universal appeal and the growing influence of Indian cinema.

Tiger 3 Box Office Collection Country-wise Breakdown

  • Australia: A$1,591,120
  • Germany: €134,632
  • Malaysia: MR810,892
  • New Zealand: NZ$510,006
  • Portugal: $16,880
  • Russian Federation: $22,980
  • Singapore: SGD155,913
  • Spain: $13,960
  • United Kingdom: £1,618,003
  • United States: $5,891,092

These numbers reveal a resounding approval across continents, showcasing the film’s versatile storytelling and cultural reach.

Critical Reception

Mixed-to-positive reviews have accompanied the film’s financial success. Critics have lauded its action sequences and performances, though some have critiqued the storyline. Regardless, audience engagement has been overwhelmingly positive.

Detailed Country-wise Analysis


In Australia, the film’s appeal translated into a total gross of 1,591,120 Australian Dollars. This impressive figure reflects the movie’s strong resonance with the Australian audience, which has a notable Indian diaspora.


In Germany, “Tiger 3” grossed 134,632 Euros. The film’s performance in this market is particularly noteworthy, considering the relatively smaller base of Bollywood cinema enthusiasts in the country.


The Malaysian box office saw “Tiger 3” collecting a total gross of 810,892 Malaysian Ringgit. This demonstrates the film’s popularity in Southeast Asia, a region that often shows a keen interest in Bollywood productions.

New Zealand

New Zealanders contributed a total of 510,006 NZ Dollars to the film’s success. The movie’s thrilling action sequences and star-studded cast were likely significant draws for this audience.


In Portugal, the film grossed 16,880 USD, showcasing its appeal even in non-traditional markets for Indian cinema.

Russian Federation

Russia contributed 22,980 USD to the film’s earnings, indicating its cross-border appeal in Eastern Europe.


Singapore, with its diverse population, welcomed “Tiger 3” with a total gross of 155,913 Singapore Dollars. The film’s action and drama resonated well with the Singaporean audience.


In Spain, the movie earned 13,960 USD, a commendable figure given the niche market for Bollywood movies in the country.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, with its significant South Asian community, showed strong support, contributing 1,618,003 Pounds to the film’s earnings.

United States of America

The USA, a key market for global cinema, added a substantial 5,891,092 USD to “Tiger 3’s” box office collection. The film’s storyline, coupled with high production values, resonated well with both the South Asian diaspora and other segments of the American audience.

“Tiger 3” has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in the global box office, demonstrating the worldwide appeal of Indian cinema. Its success across diverse geographic regions highlights not just the universal appeal of its story and production but also the growing global footprint of Bollywood.


  1. What is the net box office collection day 31 of Tiger 3 in India?
    • 283.06 crores.
  2. How much has Tiger 3 earned worldwide?
    • A staggering ₹484.17 crores.
  3. Who directed Tiger 3?
    • Maneesh Sharma.
  4. Who are the lead actors in Tiger 3?
    • Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi.
  5. What is the gross box office collection in India?
    • ₹354.05 crores.
  6. How much has Tiger 3 earned in the United States?
    • $5,891,092.
  7. What genre does Tiger 3 belong to?
    • It is a part of the YRF Spy Universe.
  8. What was the critical reception of Tiger 3?
    • Mixed-to-positive reviews.
  9. How did Tiger 3 perform in the United Kingdom?
    • It earned £1,618,003.
  10. What has been the impact of Tiger 3 on the global box office?
    • It has set new benchmarks for Indian cinema globally, with significant collections across continents.

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