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Rajni Box Office Collection, Cast, Budget, Hit or Flop?Rajni Box Office Collection, Cast, Budget, Hit or Flop?

Rajni Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection, Cast, Budget, Hit or Flop – A Comprehensive Analysis

Rajni, a much-anticipated Malayalam-Tamil language thriller directed by Vinil Scariah Varghese, hit the theaters on December 8, 2023. The film boasts an impressive cast including Kalidas Jayaram, Namitha Pramod, Saiju Kurup, Ashwin Kumar, and Reba John. As audiences eagerly awaited the release, the film’s success and performance at the box office became a subject of interest.

Rajni Box Office Collection

Rajni Day Wise Collection

Day 1₹0.35cr
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Rajni Budget

The film’s budget was reported to be ₹4 crores, covering all production expenses.

Rajni Box Office Performance Analysis

The opening day collection of ₹0.35 crores suggests a decent start for Rajni. However, the subsequent days’ collections are crucial in determining the film’s trajectory. Factors such as audience reviews, word of mouth, and critical acclaim can significantly influence its performance over the week.

To gauge its potential success, we must consider the film’s genre (Mystery, Thriller), the popularity of the cast, and the storyline. Positive reviews and audience reception can lead to increased footfall in theaters, resulting in a higher box office collection.

Rajni Cast and Crew

Rajni Cast

  • Kalidas Jayaram: Lead role
  • Namitha Pramod: Gauri
  • Saiju Kurup: Abhijith
  • Ashwin Kumar: Paul Selvaraj
  • Reba Monica John: Shilpa

Rajni Crew

  • Director: Vinil Scariah Varghese
  • Producers: Sreejith K. S., Blessy Sreejith
  • Music: 4 Musics
  • Cinematography: R. R. Vishnu
  • Editor: Deepu Joseph
  • Dialogues: Vincent Vadakkan

Rajni Film Synopsis

Rajni is a thriller that revolves around Kalidas Jayaram’s character, a hardcore fan of Rajinikanth. The film takes intriguing twists and turns, involving characters played by Namitha Pramod, Saiju Kurup, Ashwin Kumar, Reba Monica John, and others. The narrative unfolds in both Malayalam and Tamil, adding a unique dimension to the viewing experience.

The film was initially set to release on November 24, 2023, but was eventually released on December 8, 2023, in both Malayalam and Tamil languages.

As the box office collection data unfolds, the success of Rajni will become more apparent. The film’s intriguing plot, coupled with a talented cast and crew, sets the stage for a potential hit. Audience reactions, critical reviews, and the film’s performance in the coming weeks will undoubtedly shape its journey at the box office.


  1. When was Rajni initially scheduled for release, and when did it actually hit theaters?
    • Answer: The film was initially set for release on November 24, 2023, but it was eventually released on December 8, 2023.
  2. Who is the lead actor in Rajni, and what role does he play in the film?
    • Answer: Kalidas Jayaram is the lead actor, playing the role of a hardcore fan of Rajinikanth.
  3. What is the reported budget of Rajni?
    • Answer: The film was made on a budget of ₹4 crores.
  4. Name three other main cast members in Rajni.
    • Answer: Namitha Pramod, Saiju Kurup, and Reba Monica John.
  5. Who directed Rajni, and which production company handled its production?
    • Answer: Vinil Scariah Varghese directed the film, and Navarasa Films produced it.
  6. Which language is Rajni primarily in, and who wrote the dialogues for the film?
    • Answer: The film is primarily in Malayalam, and the dialogues are written by Vincent Vadakkan.
  7. What is the genre of Rajni?
    • Answer: Mystery, Thriller.
  8. Who composed the music for the film, and who handled the cinematography?
    • Answer: 4 Musics composed the music, and R. R. Vishnu handled the cinematography.
  9. When did the filming of Rajni conclude?
    • Answer: The filming wrapped up in April 2022.
  10. What was the opening day box office collection for Rajni?
    • Answer: The film collected ₹0.35 crores on its opening day.

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