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Sangharsh 2: A Bhojpuri Cinematic Milestone :


In the landscape of Bhojpuri cinema, “Sangharsh 2” emerges as a monumental achievement. Released in 2023, this action-packed sequel to the 2018 hit “Sangharsh” has not only elevated the standard of regional filmmaking but also marked its presence on an international scale. Directed by Parag Patil and written by Veeru Thakur, the film is produced by Ratnakar Kumar under the banner of Worldwide Records.

Sangharsh 2 Cast Overview

“Sangharsh 2” boasts a star-studded cast that brings an array of dynamic characters to life. Here’s a quick look at the primary cast members:

Khesari Lal YadavDharam Raj (Police Officer)
MeghashreeDharam’s Wife
Sanjay PandeyVirat Dubey
Saba Khan
Mahi Srivastava
Kriti YadavAnjali (Dharam’s Daughter)
Vinit Vishal
Suresh OberoiNarrator
Sushil Singh
Anup Arora
Pappu Yadav
Vineet Vishal
Neelam Vashisht
Vinod Mishra
Samarth Chaturvedi
Gaurav Rai
Nishta Tiwari
Akash Sisodiya

Sangharsh 2 Production Journey

The journey of “Sangharsh 2” began in December 2021 when Ratnakar Kumar and Khesari Lal Yadav decided to collaborate again. Despite initial delays, the film was officially announced in August 2022. Khesari Lal Yadav’s preparation for the role, including his impressive physical transformation, was avidly shared on social media, generating significant buzz.

Filming Locations

Uniquely, “Sangharsh 2” was shot across three countries – Thailand, UAE, and India, making it a first in Bhojpuri cinema. Principal photography began in Bangkok, followed by shoots in Gorakhpur, Dubai, Pattaya, and Bhuj. The film encountered challenges, such as schedule changes due to bad weather, but persevered to complete filming by January 2023.

Sangharsh 2 Marketing and Release

The marketing campaign for “Sangharsh 2” was as dynamic as the film itself. The first look was unveiled on February 10, 2023, followed by a Valentine’s Day teaser release. The official trailer, launched on April 25, 2023, received an overwhelming response, crossing 5 million views within a day.

Sangharsh 2 Box Office Performance

“Sangharsh 2” opened to impressive box office numbers, reflecting the film’s mass appeal. The day-wise collection table showcases its steady growth:

1₹2 Crore 88 Lakhs
2₹3 Crore 25 Lakhs
3₹4 Crore 45 Lakhs
4₹5 Crore 15 Lakhs
5₹6 Crore 37 Lakhs
6₹5 Crore 23 Lakhs
7₹5 Crore 53 Lakhs
8₹4 Crore 67 Lakhs
9₹5 Crore 77 Lakhs
10₹5 Crore 13 Lakhs
11₹5 Crore 18 Lakhs
12₹5 Crore 7 Lakhs
13₹4 Crore 33 Lakhs
14₹3 Crore 81 Lakhs
15₹2 Crore 5 Lakhs
Total₹68 Crores 87 Lakhs

Review of “Sangharsh 2”

“Sangharsh 2,” the much-anticipated sequel to the 2018 Bhojpuri hit, marks a significant milestone in regional cinema, particularly for its grandeur and international filming locations. The film, directed by Parag Patil and written by Veeru Thakur, is a blend of action, drama, and emotional depth, offering something for a wide range of audiences.

Storyline and Direction

The narrative of “Sangharsh 2” revolves around Dharam Raj (played by Khesari Lal Yadav), a dedicated police officer, and his personal and professional challenges. The story is well-crafted, weaving in elements of action, suspense, and family drama. Director Parag Patil deserves commendation for his ability to handle such a diverse narrative, ensuring that the film is engaging throughout its duration.

Performance and Characterization

Khesari Lal Yadav delivers a powerful performance as Dharam Raj, convincingly portraying both the strength and vulnerability of his character. His physical transformation for the role adds authenticity to his action sequences. Meghashree, as Dharam’s wife, brings a strong emotional element to the movie, while Sanjay Pandey’s portrayal of Virat Dubey adds a necessary intensity to the film. The supporting cast, including the likes of Saba Khan, Mahi Srivastava, and Kriti Yadav, contribute significantly to the film’s depth.

Cinematography and Locations

One of the film’s highlights is its cinematography. The use of locations in Thailand, UAE, and India adds a visual splendor to the film that is rarely seen in Bhojpuri cinema. The scenes shot in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Dubai are particularly breathtaking, enhancing the film’s overall appeal.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundtrack of “Sangharsh 2” is another strength, with songs that are both catchy and emotive. They complement the film’s narrative well and are likely to remain with the audience long after the movie ends.

Sangharsh 2″ stands as a testament to the growing prowess of regional Indian cinema. With its high budget, international shooting locations, and compelling narrative, it has set a new benchmark for Bhojpuri films, promising a bright future for the industry.

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