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The Trial (2023) - Box Office Collection ReportThe Trial (2023) - Box Office Collection Report

Director & Writer: Raam Ganni
Producers: Smriti Sagi, Srinivas K Naidu
Starring: Spandana Palli, Yug Ram, Vamsi Kotu, Udhay Pulime, Sakhi Uttada, Jashwanth Perumalla, Vazeer Ishaan
Cinematography: Shrie Saikumaar Daara
Editing: Srikanth Patnaik
Music: Saravana Vasudevan
Release Date: November 24, 2023
Country: India
Language: Telugu
Budget: 6 crore (estimeted)

The Trial Box Office Collection

DayCollection (in crore)
1st Day 0.35 (estimeted)
2nd Day0.25 (estimeted)
The Trial (2023) – Box Office Collection Report

The film, “The Trial,” directed and written by Raam Ganni, has made an impactful entry into the Indian Telugu film industry. With a stellar cast led by Spandana Palli, Yug Ram, and Vamsi Kotu, the movie explores the intriguing premise of Police Sub-inspector Rajeev tasked with interrogating a woman named Rupa in connection with her husband Ajay’s accidental death.

The Trial Film Analysis

“The Trial” unfolds as a suspenseful narrative, focusing on Police Sub-inspector Rajeev’s task of interrogating Rupa in connection with her husband Ajay’s accidental death. The plot takes an unexpected turn as Rajeev, himself a Sub-Inspector, delves deeper into the case, unraveling surprising facts. The engaging premise, coupled with the performances of the lead actors, contributes to the film’s overall appeal.

“The Trial” stands as a noteworthy addition to the Telugu film industry, offering a blend of mystery and drama. The initial box office collections, coupled with consistent occupancy rates, indicate a positive response from audiences. As the film continues its theatrical run, it will be interesting to observe how the narrative unfolds and whether it maintains its audience engageme


  1. Q: Who is the director and writer of “The Trial”? A: Raam Ganni.
  2. Q: Name the lead actors in the film. A: Spandana Palli, Yug Ram, and Vamsi Kotu.
  3. Q: When is the film scheduled for theatrical release? A: November 24, 2023.
  4. Q: What is the budget of the film? A: 6 crore INR.
  5. Q: Describe the premise of “The Trial.” A: The film follows Police Sub-inspector Rajeev as he investigates a woman named Rupa in connection with her husband Ajay’s accidental death, uncovering surprising facts.
  6. Q: What was the first-day box office collection? A: 0.35 crore.
  7. Q: Provide the second-day box office collection. A: 0.25 crore.
  8. Q: Who are the producers of the film? A: Smriti Sagi and Srinivas K Naidu.
  9. Q: Mention the cinematographer of “The Trial.” A: Shrie Saikumaar Daara.
  10. Q: What is the language of the film? A: Telugu.

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