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Jhimma 2 Box Office Collection Day 2 , Hit Or FlopJhimma 2 Box Office Collection Day 2 , Hit Or Flop

Jhimma 2 Box Office Collection Report and Film Overview

Directed by: Hemant Dhome
Produced by: Colour Yellow Productions, Jio Studios, Chalchitra Company, and Crazy Few Films
Release Date: 24 November 2023
Genre: Drama
Language: Marathi

Jhimma 2 is a 2023 Indian Marathi drama film and the second installment in the Jhimma series. Directed by Hemant Dhome, the film features an ensemble cast including Suhas Joshi, Nirmiti Sawant, Siddharth Chandekar, Kshitee Jog, Suchitra Bandekar, Sayali Sanjeev, Shivani Surve, and Rinku Rajguru. The storyline revolves around the reunion of a group of women as they embark on a trip to London to celebrate the 75th birthday of Indumati (Joshi). The film promises more fun, frolic, and fights as the characters explore friendships and encounter unexpected twists against the picturesque backdrop of the Lake District.

Jhimma 2 Box Office Collection

DayIndia Net Collection (in Cr)Change (+/-)
Day 1₹ 1.2 Cr
Day 2₹ 0.7 Cr
Total₹ 1.9 Cr
Jhimma 2 Box Office Collection Day 2 , Hit Or Flop

Jhimma 2 Occupancy Rate Report

Jhimma 2 reported an overall Marathi occupancy of 17.12% on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Day 2 Marathi (2D) Occupancy

  • Morning Shows: 17.12%
  • Afternoon Shows: 0%
  • Evening Shows: 0%
  • Night Shows: 0%

Day 2 Marathi (2D) Occupancy



  1. Who directed Jhimma 2?
    • Answer: Hemant Dhome
  2. When was Jhimma 2 released?
    • Answer: 24 November 2023
  3. What is the genre of Jhimma 2?
    • Answer: Drama
  4. Name two lead actors in Jhimma 2.
    • Answer: Suhas Joshi and Siddharth Chandekar
  5. What is the total India Net Collection of Jhimma 2 after 2 days?
    • Answer: ₹1.9 Cr
  6. Describe the plot of Jhimma 2 briefly.
    • Answer: The film follows a group of women celebrating Indumati’s 75th birthday in London, filled with adventure and unexpected twists.
  7. Which regions showed the highest and lowest occupancy rates on Day 2?
    • Answer: Pune had the highest (26%), and Sangli had the lowest (5%) occupancy.
  8. What percentage of occupancy did Jhimma 2 have on its second day?
    • Answer: 17.12%
  9. What is the primary language of Jhimma 2?
    • Answer: Marathi
  10. How many shows were there in Mumbai on Day 2?
    • Answer: 555 shows

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