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Dr. Harsh ShethDr. Harsh Sheth

Mumbai-based Dr. Harsh Sheth is one of the leading bariatric, robotic, and laparoscopic surgeons in India. In today’s world where skyrocketing medical expenses keep many people away from robotic surgery treatment, Dr. Sheth provides cost-effective robotic surgery on the SSI Mantra platform. This service is available for his patients at Conwest and Manjula S Badani Jain (CMJ) Hospital in Girgaon, Mumbai.

He specializes in advanced gastro-intestinal and bariatric surgeries performed using minimally invasive techniques at reasonable and affordable prices. Dr. Sheth has been associated with various Mumbai hospitals. These include Saifee Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and CMJ Hospital. Dr. Sheth also consults at a clinic in Tardeo, which offers patients a safe and comfortable environment to share their problems and discuss treatment plans.

Ms. Vishaka Goyal, the co-founder of ClinicSpots, a top medical tourism site, praises Dr. Harsh Sheth’s dedication. “It’s great to see Dr. Sheth, one of the best Bariatric surgeons in Mumbai, offering affordable robotic surgeries to resolve GI and obesity-related issues. His commitment to helping patients is truly inspiring.”

Dr. Harsh Sheth shares his views on this initiative and says, “Robotic surgery is the most advanced type of surgical treatment. Before the SSI Platform, robotic surgery was considered an expensive treatment that only rich people could afford. Thanks to the SSI Mantra platform, robotic surgery is now accessible to all. Affordable robotic surgery is a game changer in today’s technical and progressive medical world.”

Dr. Harsh Sheth talks about a case where he successfully operated on fixing a lumbar hernia at CMJ Hospital. The patient was a 45-year-old truck driver. He got orthopaedic treatment for a pelvic fracture post-road accident at another centre. Three months later, he developed a painful bulge on his right flank, diagnosed as a right lumbar hernia.

The patient approached Dr. Harsh Sheth for treatment. On checking the reports revealed that the previous laparoscopic repair failed due to technical issues. Dr. Harsh Sheth suggested robotic surgery. Incidentally, the CMJ Hospital had recently installed the SSI Mantra platform. The hospital was offering robotic surgery procedures at nearly 70% less cost than the cost of traditional robotic procedures. The patient could afford the cost and hence agreed to proceed with the surgery.

Dr. Sheth performed a successful Robotic TAPP lumbar hernia repair. The patient was discharged within 24 hours after the procedure. The patient had no complications post-surgery. Dr. Sheth’s expertise and the SSI Mantra platform deserve credit for this patient’s recovery.

About the SSI Mantra Platform:

The SSI Mantra Platform is an innovative robotic platform made in India. It provides advanced surgical capabilities at affordable prices. By using this platform, doctors in India can perform robotic surgeries at lower costs.

About Dr. Harsh Sheth:

Dr. Harsh Sheth is a visionary surgeon specializing in robotic and laparoscopic surgeries. He performs various procedures like GI, hernia repairs, HPB, splenectomy etc.

He also performs bariatric procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, revision bariatric surgeries, and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

Dr. Sheth works at esteemed hospitals in South Mumbai and has his clinic at Tardeo. He values patient care and aims for positive outcomes. To schedule an appointment or inquiry with Dr. Harsh Sheth, please reach out to the following contact:

Genèse Clinic

G-14/15, 8th Floor, Everest Building, 

Tardeo Rd, Janata Nagar, 

Maharashtra 400034

Contact no. 9137080299

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