Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

India’s growth in the technological sector has been awe-inspiring over the past few years. At the 7th edition of the India Mobile Congress (IMC), Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulated India’s ambitions to not just be a participant in the global technology race but to be a forerunner in 6G technology.

India’s Ambition Beyond 5G

PM Narendra Modi highlighted that while India is focusing on the 5G deployment, the country is already setting its trajectory towards becoming a global leader in 6G technology. This statement not only emphasizes the country’s forward-looking approach but also underlines the importance of staying ahead in the tech revolution.

5G Labs across the Nation

To foster innovation and skill development, 100 5G labs have been inaugurated across the nation. PM Modi voiced his optimism, saying, “These labs will help youngsters in dreaming big and aid them in realising these dreams.” These labs are expected to play a pivotal role in grooming the next generation of tech enthusiasts and innovators.

Glimpse of the Future at IMC

During his visit to the exhibition stalls at IMC, PM Modi observed advancements in multiple domains like 6G, cybersecurity, drones, the space sector, and green technology. This eclectic mix of technologies offers a peek into the future, highlighting India’s multifaceted technological pursuits.

5G Coverage and Internet Speeds

Since the 5G rollout:

  • 400,000+ 5G base stations established
  • 97% of the nation covered
  • Broadband speed tripled
5G Base StationsOver 4 lakh
National Coverage97%
Increase in Broadband Speeds3 times

The uptick in internet speeds has dramatically improved the ease of living, bolstering connectivity between teachers and students, doctors and patients, thereby democratizing information.

Broadband Connectivity and BharatNet

A remarkable 200,000 gram panchayats have been interlinked with broadband through the BharatNet programme, bridging the urban-rural technological divide.

Electronics Manufacturing in India

Shedding light on electronics manufacturing, PM Modi recounted the transformation from being mobile phone importers to becoming exporters. With tech giants like Google, Samsung, and Apple producing their phones in India, the ‘Make in India’ initiative is bearing fruit.

Reliance Jio and Airtel’s 5G Endeavors

Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, lauded PM Modi for spearheading the digital connectivity revolution. Ambani mentioned Jio’s rapid 5G rollout in response to PM Modi’s challenge to make India a global leader in 5G.

On the other hand, Chairperson of Bharti Airtel, Sunil Bharti Mittal, announced Airtel’s 5G expansion plans, aiming to blanket the entire country by March 2024. Furthermore, OneWeb’s satellite communication services, a venture in which Bharti Airtel holds a significant stake, is set to commence operations next month, with a ground satellite station already operational in Mehsana, Gujarat.

Related Questions & Answers

  1. What was PM Modi’s vision regarding 6G at the India Mobile Congress? Answer: PM Modi highlighted India’s ambition to not only focus on 5G but to become a leader in 6G technology.
  2. How many 5G labs were inaugurated by PM Modi? Answer: PM Modi inaugurated 100 5G labs across the country.
  3. By when does Bharti Airtel plan to cover the entire country with 5G? Answer: By March 2024, Airtel aims to cover the entire country with 5G.
  4. Which international tech giants are producing phones in India? Answer: Google, Samsung, and Apple are among the tech giants manufacturing phones in India.
  5. What is the significance of the ground satellite station in Mehsana, Gujarat? Answer: The station is pivotal for the satellite communication services of OneWeb, in which Bharti Airtel holds a significant stake.

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