Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Flip5Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Flip5

Samsung, in a unique collaboration with Maison Margiela, a renowned French luxury fashion brand, has announced the release of the Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela special edition. This limited-edition device, targeting select markets, is not just a smartphone but a fashion statement. It comes with an exclusive package that includes a flap leather case, flipsuit case, and two flipsuit cards, elevating the user’s experience with both technology and style.

Instagram Reels Download Feature

Meta has introduced a much-awaited feature for Instagram users — the ability to download Reels. After extensive testing, this feature is now globally available, allowing users to save short videos from public accounts with a simple click. This update, accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, enhances content sharing and user engagement on Instagram.

Goldmedal Electricals Launches Oxyrich Air Purifier and Bladeless Fan

Goldmedal Electricals steps into the innovative home appliance market with its latest product, the Oxyrich air purifying bladeless fan. Priced at Rs 35,999, this device combines air purification with a bladeless fan design, making it safe and easy to clean. It comes equipped with features like an LED touch control panel, remote, various fan modes, and an off timer, catering to the modern consumer’s need for efficient and stylish home appliances.

Grok AI Model for X Premium Plus Subscribers

Elon Musk confirms that subscribers of X Premium Plus, formerly known as Twitter Premium Plus, will soon gain access to Grok. This generative AI model, capable of engaging in conversations and providing real-time updates based on X platform posts, represents a significant leap in AI interaction and user engagement on social media platforms.

Google Bard’s YouTube Extension Update

Google Bard’s YouTube extension has received an update that significantly enhances its capabilities. The AI-powered chatbot can now understand YouTube videos and respond to complex queries, such as extracting specific information from a cooking video. However, for sensitive topics like the Israel-Hamas conflict, it recommends using Google Search for summaries and detailed information.

Sony’s ‘In-Camera Authenticity’ Feature

In a bid to tackle the challenges posed by AI-modified images, Sony is developing an ‘in-camera authenticity’ feature. This innovation, created in partnership with the Associated Press, aims to ensure the integrity of images by indicating whether they have been edited or tampered with. This feature is a significant step toward maintaining the authenticity of digital imagery.

Introduction of Yup: A Unified Social Media Feed

Yup emerges as a new app combining feeds from X and Threads, offering a unified social media experience. Currently available on iOS and Android, Yup requires users to join a waitlist, indicating its growing popularity and the user’s interest in an integrated social media platform.

YouTube’s Loading Speed Affected by Ad-Blockers

YouTube has issued a statement confirming that the use of ad-blocking extensions in browsers will lead to slower loading times on the website. This measure seems to be an effort to encourage users to experience the platform as intended, with integrated advertisements playing a crucial role in the ecosystem.

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