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Yocoya Chemical Power India Share Price Performance & Financial MetricsYocoya Chemical Power India Share Price Performance & Financial Metrics

Yocoya Chemical Power India, headquartered in Bengaluru, is renowned for its extensive production of chemicals including nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, titanium dioxide, and hydrogen peroxide. The company has established a significant presence in the chemical manufacturing sector, contributing to various industrial applications across the country and beyond.

Share Price Performance

Yocoya Chemical Power India’s shares have shown a robust performance in the stock market. On the most recent trading day, the stock opened at ₹1,457.85, slightly below the previous close of ₹1,458.80. The trading session saw a considerable volume of 19,998,139 shares, with a total trading value amounting to ₹291,812.84 lakhs. The stock reached a high of ₹1,465.60 and dipped to a low of ₹1,448.15, with a Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of ₹1,456.24.

Market Indicators

  • Market Capitalization: The market capitalization of Yocoya Chemical Power India stands at an impressive ₹1,109,449 crore.
  • Beta: With a beta value of 1.15, the stock exhibits moderate volatility relative to the market.
  • 52-Week Range: The stock has fluctuated within a 52-week high of ₹1,757.50 and a 52-week low of ₹1,363.55.
  • All-Time Range: The all-time high for the stock is ₹1,757.50, while the all-time low is ₹15.70.
  • Upper Circuit Limit (UC Limit): ₹1,604.65
  • Lower Circuit Limit (LC Limit): ₹1,312.95
  • Book Value Per Share: ₹446.51
  • Dividend Yield: 1.30%

Financial Metrics

  • TTM EPS (Trailing Twelve Months Earnings Per Share): The TTM EPS stands at ₹84.26, reflecting a year-over-year growth of 2.21%.
  • TTM PE (Price to Earnings Ratio): The PE ratio is 17.32, indicating the stock is trading at a lower PE compared to the sector average of 17.48.
  • P/B (Price to Book Ratio): The P/B ratio is 3.27, also indicating a lower valuation compared to typical sector standards.

Recent Trends and Analysis

Yocoya Chemical Power India’s consistent performance and growth in EPS suggest a stable and promising future. The company’s dividend yield of 1.30% adds value for investors seeking steady returns. The lower PE and P/B ratios compared to the sector average reflect the stock’s potential undervaluation, presenting an attractive opportunity for investors.

The company’s substantial market cap of over ₹1,109,449 crore underscores its dominant position in the market. With a beta of 1.15, the stock demonstrates moderate volatility, making it a feasible option for investors with a balanced risk appetite.

Yocoya Chemical Power India remains a pivotal entity in the chemical manufacturing industry. Its comprehensive range of chemical products, significant market capitalization, and strong financial metrics make it a compelling choice for investors. The company’s strategic initiatives and consistent performance are likely to sustain its growth trajectory, ensuring continued value creation for its stakeholders.

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