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Tejas Box Office Collection, Hit Or FlopTejas Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop

The buzz around the Hindi drama film “Tejas” directed by Sarvesh Mewara and starring the audacious Kangana Ranaut as IAF officer Tejas Gill was palpable. The Day 2 box office figures, as audiences filled theaters in various regions, are testimony to its growing appeal.

Tejas Overview of Day 2 Collections

The opening day of the movie saw a commendable collection of 60 lakh. However, by the second day, the box office figures witnessed a slight dip with a collection of 35 lakh. It’s essential to delve deeper into the numbers to understand how the film fared across different regions and show timings.

Tejas Overall Box Office Collection

Day 160 lakh
Day 235 lakh

Tejas Region-Wise Occupancy Rates for Day 2

Analyzing the occupancy rates across regions gives a holistic view of the film’s performance. These figures provide insights into the audience’s preferences, as they varied from morning to night.

Tejas Box Office Day 2 Region Occupancy

RegionOverall OccupancyMorningAfternoonEveningNightShows
National Capital Region40.0%7%31%41%48%430

Understanding Tejas The Drop in Collections

While “Tejas” started its box office journey with a robust collection on Day 1, there was a noticeable dip on Day 2. The film garnered 60 lakh on its opening day and saw a drop to 35 lakh on the second day. While the reasons for the drop could be manifold, analyzing the film’s reception in different regions and at various show timings might shed more light on this.

Tejas Region-Wise Analysis

Cities like the National Capital Region (NCR) and Kolkata recorded the highest overall occupancy rates, both at 40.5%, followed closely by Mumbai and Ahmedabad. In contrast, cities like Bhopal and Lucknow had significantly lower occupancy rates.

The evening and night shows seemed to be the preferred time for movie-goers, with most cities recording their highest occupancy rates during these slots.

The Tejas Box Office Collection Day 2 might have seen a dip from its opening day, but the movie continues to pique interest, especially in major urban areas. The film’s journey in the days to come, weekend collections, and word-of-mouth will be crucial in determining its overall success.

Tejas Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop

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