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Tiger 3 Box Office Collection Day 38 ,DayWise Collection Full ReportTiger 3 Box Office Collection Day 38 ,DayWise Collection Full Report

Tiger 3, the much-anticipated action thriller directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films, has taken the box office by storm. Starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi, the film is the fifth installment in the YRF Spy Universe and a sequel to Tiger Zinda Hai (2017). Released on November 12, 2023, coinciding with Diwali, Tiger 3 has garnered attention for its high-octane action sequences and star-studded cast.

Tiger 3 Box Office Triumph

7-Day Collection Overview

The film has witnessed a remarkable performance at the Indian box office in its first week. The 7-day collection for all languages stands at ₹212.21 Crores, with a notable day-wise breakdown:

  • Day 1 (1st Sunday): ₹44.5 Cr
  • Day 2 (1st Monday): ₹59.25 Cr (+33.15%)
  • Day 3 (1st Tuesday): ₹44.3 Cr (-25.23%)
  • Day 4 (1st Wednesday): ₹21.1 Cr (-52.37%)
  • Day 5 (1st Thursday): ₹18.5 Cr (-12.32%)
  • Week 1 Total: ₹187.65 Cr

The trend showcases a strong opening followed by fluctuations, typical for a blockbuster release.

Tiger 3 Day 6 and 7 Performance

On the 6th day, the film earned ₹13.25 Cr, witnessing a -28.38% change. The 7th day saw collections of ₹11.31 Cr, contributing to the film’s overall success.

Tiger 3 Occupancy Details

Tiger 3 maintained a noteworthy occupancy rate on its 7th day, with an overall 18.15% Hindi Occupancy. The regional breakdown provides insights into the audience engagement:

  • Mumbai: 16.67%
  • National Capital Region (NCR): 18.33%
  • Pune: 22.00%
  • Bengaluru: 20.33%
  • Hyderabad: 19.67%
  • Kolkata: 18.00%
  • Ahmedabad: 19.33%
  • Chennai: 31.67%
  • Surat: 15.00%
  • Jaipur: 18.67%
  • Chandigarh: 16.33%
  • Bhopal: 11.33%
  • Lucknow: 15.00%

The detailed occupancy figures across morning, afternoon, and evening shows indicate the film’s widespread appeal.

About the Film

Tiger 3 Plot Summary

Tiger 3 follows the events of Tiger Zinda Hai, War (2019), and Pathaan (2023). The story revolves around Tiger and Zoya, framed as traitors, embarking on a perilous mission to clear their names. The film explores conspiracies, personal sacrifices, and a dangerous journey, providing audiences with a gripping narrative.

Tiger 3 Production Details

Principal photography took place in Delhi, Mumbai, Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, and Vienna. The film boasts a substantial budget of ₹300 Crore, making it the most expensive project under the Yash Raj Films banner.

Tiger 3 Critical Reception

Released on Diwali, the film received mixed to positive reviews. While performances and technical aspects were praised, critiques focused on the plot, soundtrack, and pacing.

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  1. Q: Who directed Tiger 3?
    • A: Maneesh Sharma directed the film.
  2. Q: What is the budget of Tiger 3?
    • A: The film boasts a budget of ₹300 Crore.
  3. Q: When was Tiger 3 released?
    • A: Tiger 3 was released on November 12, 2023.
  4. Q: Who are the lead actors in Tiger 3?
    • A: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi are the lead actors.
  5. Q: What is the overall 7-day collection of Tiger 3?
    • A: The film earned ₹212.21 Crores in the first week.
  6. Q: How did the film perform on its 6th day at the box office?
    • A: On the 6th day, Tiger 3 earned ₹13.25 Crores.
  7. Q: What was the Hindi occupancy on the 7th day?
    • A: The overall Hindi occupancy was 18.15%.
  8. Q: Which region showed the highest occupancy on the 7th day?
    • A: Chennai exhibited the highest occupancy at 31.67%.
  9. Q: What are the main criticisms of the film according to reviews?
    • A: The film received mixed reviews with critiques on plot, soundtrack, and pacing.
  10. Q: How many films are there in the YRF Spy Universe?
    • A: Tiger 3 is the fifth installment in the YRF Spy Universe.

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